Yes, for me Krytox GPL205 is better than diesel prone molly paste and tars!

September 27 2017 at 10:22 AM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to I krytok that good?

"Is it put everywhere that you would put only?"
Krytox GPL205 grease and GPL105oil "space station lubes" are "one lube fits all" and it's used for all my springer lubing.

"Where does one get it"
And a lot of other places. I usually get mine from here.......

"how much should be applied?"
Unlike molly paste which needs to be applied very carefully to minimize dieseling and the inconsistent velocities caused by dieseling, Krytox is very forgiving since it woun't diesel at all even if it gets in front of the piston seal. For my initial "Krytox trial" several years ago I bought a 1/2 ounce container, lavishly slathered all the internals of my R9 with the stuff deliberately getting some in front of the piston dieseling even with the first shot! Matter of fact, after the rather heavy lubing of the R9 internals (after stripping the old "dinosaur grease" based lubes) I still had this left over from the 1/2 ounce tube.......
Still....after the initial "test for dieseling" even though the application isn't critical I use a light application (not as light as molly paste) because the stuff is expensive. Pics showing the amount of Krytox used ...........

As a side note, you mentioned in a different post that you sent your ProSport in for a de-twang. Krytox will not detwang a springer with loose spring guides, only properly fitted tight spring guides will kill spring oscillations/vibrations/twang. Hummm.....I guess that is copious amounts of "heavy tar" like this were slopped on the spring the twang will go away for a while..........
Petroleum based lubes do outgas with time getting thicker with age and I've seen springer internals where the pastes & tars literally became semi-solid.
The tub of heavy tar in the pic had thickened in the sealed tub to the point that a socket head cap screw could be held at the rim with only a few half threads embedded in the tar.

Bottom line......traditional molly bearing lubes and application techniques have been used successfully for decades so no harm/no foul if you go the "dinosaur grease based lube" route!

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