experience with dinosaur grease and my .177 R9..........

September 28 2017 at 8:31 AM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Of course, there's the flipside.

is REVERSED using traditional "molly paste and tar" that wasn't shooting with "blinding smoke"! Hummm........I wonder why?

Decades ago I tuned my .20 cal R9 using "molly paste and tar" and accidentally got some paste in front of the piston seal. With the first shot over the chrony there was a mighty bang and the chrony read a .20 Beeman FTS clocking 1120fps over the sensors. The piston rebound from that explosion broke a coil of a brand new Maccari Tarantula spring (30 coils? of .128 wire wound with a .540 ID).

LOL....with "dinosaur grease" it normally took quite a few shots to stabilize the poi after the gun set over night but with the "space station lube" the poi is stabilized with just a couple shots.

Anywhoo....since switching to Krytox several years ago my diseling issues were eliminated, temperature induced poi shifting greatly reduced, I don't need to be nearly as fussy with Krytox application, and so far after a few years Krytox hasn't thickened with time like my tub of heavy tar.......

Anywhoo.....whatever trips a tuner's trigger is fine with me, even if it's molly filled bear grease and 'possum fat, but I'm sticking with Krytox which works better for ME than "molly paste and tar" which was the original question! wink.gif

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