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September 28 2017 at 9:44 AM

Bob D.  (Login MB-BOB)

Response to Hector Medina or anyone who really knows

You've already asked this question in your thread below. If no one other than Hector has chimed in yet, it might be because the distinction over 40 clicks this way or that matters only to a few people.

If you are shooting your 15fpe Prosport in Open Class, then I suppose splitting hairs over this might make a difference. Although I know several Open Class shooters of national repute who don't care. They only care that at a given magnification and distance, X number of clicks brings them to zero. Whether X = 26, 27, 29, or 32 clicks doesn't matter. It's about what works as a practical solution. In contrast, trying to fit your aiming into a rigid box of mildot standards (instead) can lead to problems.

If you are shooting your 15fpe Prosport in Hunter Class, then I will suggest it doesn't matter in the least. Consider your reticle as a visual representation of "Aiming Points." Just aiming points, period. The exact measurements between mildots or christmas tree lines doesn't matter at all. Through practice, practice, and more practice, you will develop a hold over chart for distance at this aiming point, another holdover (aiming) point for the next distance, etc. Knowing the exact number of clicks between mildots, or whether your scope is a "true" mildot or milradian yadda yadda, is not remotely important.

I have personally counselled several shooters to free themselves from the angst over mildot science. Necessary for 1-1/2 mile shots on military targets that shoot back. But not at 55 yds on Killer squirrels. Once they begin to consider their reticle as an "aiming point" grid only, they seem to enjoy the game much more.

There's something profound in that old KISS adage, "Keep It Simple, ......."

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