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September 28 2017 at 3:01 PM

dan_house  (Login dan_house)

Response to A little "on the fly "

can only add one thing: be darned absolutely sure of your range from scope to target.

Ive setup several times using a hand truck with the target taped to it, and just roll it back and forth to the next distance to set a number for..... that part worked great, helped reduce the time and effort to do so......

then a couple years later, happen to walk past the hand truck setting on the level garage floor and noticed its angled BACK off vertical a few degrees (guessing so it doesn't tip your load off the front).... while its only a about 3 inches tipped back, I had been measuring from the bottom of the truck. SO Im off now by .25 feet...

That got me to examining every part of the setup process..... and I noticed a couple of other things......

My 200 foot tape measure would "bow" in the slightest breeze, meaning it measures shorter, and the flat plane of a field I do this on has a slight downhill to it, making it correct to the tape numbers, but shorter thru the air. Add them up and Im now off over a foot...... Little things add up quickly........

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On line trajectory calc by Brad Troyer MILDOTS


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