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January 30 2018 at 7:35 AM
Tom Holland   (Login xbowsniper)

Response to H&N Sniper Mediums

It's a hit or miss thing with these pellets, in a lot of different guns as well as barrels. It also depends on the lot #, as well as when they were manufactured.
I shoot these in my 12 ft. Lb. Marauder set up for WFTF PCP division. The original ones that I competed with in the 2016 Pyramyd Air Cup, shot deadly out of it, and ate the wind up at the longer distances. When everyone was holding 3 inches out of the kill zone, I was aiming left or right edge, not even an inch. Recorded second highest score of that competition.
Unfortunately, the quality of those pellets went downhill after that, they had a lot of flaws on the domes, when looked at under a magnifying glass. They are slowly getting better, but not as good as that original batch. All of my springers and all guns I have with Lothar Walther barrels do not like them. My Marauder and 1720T love them.
One difference that I have noticed, is, the original batch also had much larger skirts as compared to the ones produced now.
If you take a look at my video on my Field Target Tech Channel, I compare Sniper Mediums out of my Marauder vs. Air Arms out of my Steyr. Each of those groups was 30 shots.
Hope this helps shed some light,

Tom Holland
Assistant Match Director
Eastern Suffolk Competitive Airgunners Association (ESCAA) Long Island NY

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