THOMAS Field Target .177 Air Rifle for Sale - Reduced Price

February 9 2018 at 9:12 PM

AngliaUSA  (Login AngliaUSA)

THOMAS Field Target .177 Air Rifle for Sale - Reduced Price

A reluctant sale but I have way to many air rifles, and not enough time to shoot them so I am thinning the herd and putting my kids through college with the proceeds.

To read all-about Thomas air rifles go here:

Asking $3200 Shipping Included

Rifle comes in a custom fitted SKB I series waterproof Rifle Hard Case. A$250 value.


Comes with hand selected and finely tuned (bore has been polished and indexed LILJA heavy match barrel ($400) - with a canted / offset heavy stippled grip in walnut. Custom fully adjustable dog-bone Hamster with cushioned knee pad, Offset trigger. Adjustable thigh pod. Awesome electronic 2 stage trigger - just switch on, load and shoot. Works off a hidden 9v battery - good for 10's of thousands of shots.

Rifle is fully regulated and set up to shoot JSB 10.3 Heavies at 870 fps approx 18 ft lbs - - this barrel also really likes the 13.5 grn JSB monsters.

On a 3000 psi fill you will get approximately 70 shots.

For a gallery of high definition detailed photos of the rifle please go to this link:


Rifle will be shipped in the hard case double boxed - Shipping is included - USPS 3 day priority mail, insured for full value, with signature confirmation / special handling.

No international shipping at this time.

Local pick up in Los Angeles area available. Deduct $100 from the asking price if you pick up in person.

The only possible trade at this time I will consider would be for Air Arms FTP 900 and cash to make up the equivalent value. An FX Impact is another possibility.

My BOI reputation is impeccable, under my Yellow user name ANGLIAUSA or James Brinkley. Buy with confidence.

US post office Money Order or certified bank cashiers cheque preferred.

I will accept accept ‘gift’ Paypal at no extra fee or add the 4% fee for a non gift transaction.

Please deal by email to assure a private and confidential transaction if you so wish.

jhbema (at) pacbell.net please remove the (at) and spaces and replace with @

Thanx for looking.

Here are the best description of the rifle … the pictures…. enjoy.
Please email me to discuss if you are a serious buyer.

[urlhttps://imgur.com/cZiYK2A][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/bG99Zk9][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/U1kzT0k][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/NdO3jbl][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/yIrNpCg][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/pikj3sw][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/j0gvVrf][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/h7xrTNc][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/Oe4gimy][img][linked image][/img][/url]

[urlhttps://imgur.com/goUOv6T][img][linked image][/img][/url]

Thanx for looking - from my family to yours I wish you continued safe shooting !

[urlhttps://imgur.com/GXZ1Ehr][img][linked image][/img][/url]

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  • further $ REDUCED $ - AngliaUSA on Feb 11, 2018, 10:30 PM


On line trajectory calc by Brad Troyer MILDOTS


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