February 11 2018 at 8:27 AM
Chris Corey  (Login NCairgunner)

The report was going start with talking about how 5 guys braved the harsh February weather to compete in our monthly match. The weather had been calling for rain all week, but the FT gods smiled on us & kept it away. It turned out to be a great day for FT. We started in the high 40’s and by the end of the match we were in the 60’s. We had a 5-10-minute bout of very light drizzle & that was it for the rain. Winds were calm with light, intermittent gusts. The match was a 60-shot course that was set to a 32.34 Troyer difficulty level.
We split in to two squads based on classes, WFTF & Hunter. WFTF was a combination of WFTF PCP & WFTF Piston shooters. Knobs, Ron Birnbaum, & myself made up the WFTF squad. As usual Knobs kept me motivated while I was shooting with his inspirational comments. I do enjoy them & that’s why he will always be #1 in my book. Ron, who can still count the number of matches he has shot on his fingers, shot strong with his springer. He finished 3rd with a 36 / 60. Knobs had his usual strong performance even though he dropped a few more shots than normal. I wonder why my inspirational comments didn’t help him out more. Hmmm, I guess we will never know. LOL!!! Knobs finished in 2nd place with a 51 / 60. I had a good day except for a couple of bone head mistakes. Such as when your sidewheel says 45 yards, but you turn the elevation knob to 40 yards. Oh well, live & learn. I finished in 1st with a 56 / 60.
The Hunter squad consisted of Philip “Dead Eye” Hepler & newest member of THAGC, Mark Waltermire. When Mark got to the range, his rifle had developed a pretty bad air leak that required constant refills during the match. He still shot well for his 3rd match & finished with a 40 / 60. Philip also had rifle issues the day before the match when the bolt handle came apart on his Marauder. Luckily, he was able to do a quick repair & make the match. Philip finished with a 48 / 60.
1. Chris Corey: Steyr Challenge FT / March X 8-80 / 56
2. Knobs: Steyr LG110 / Leupold Comp 35 / 51
3. Ron Birnbaum: Walther LGU / Konus 8-32 / 36

1. Philip Hepler: Benjamin Marauder / UTG 4-16 / 48
2. Mark Waltermire: Logun Solo / Athlon 6-24 / 40

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