Match Results - Dallas Field Target Match, Saturday Feb10, 2018

February 11 2018 at 7:47 PM

Bob D  (Login MB-BOB)

We set our Feb match time at 11 am, hoping for a traditional morning warm-up to a daily high. But Mother Nature threw us a real curve… the opposite occurred, with the day’s high at daybreak (44°), falling to 33° by match time. The cold front moving through also brought 15-20mph Northern breezes. It reminded a few of us of Ennice Nats, without the rain.

Look at this bundled crew… Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

[linked image]

Fifteen RSVPs dwindled to 11 intrepid shooters wearing several layers, and still our hands ached from the piercing cold. As usual, I forgot to bring along some “Hot Hands” chemical warmers…

[linked image]

The match comprised 60 shots over 13 lanes, a mixture of nine, 2 target lanes, and four lanes of 3 targets. Two forced positions lanes featured 4-shots kneeling, 4-shots standing. The Troyer was 30.1, discounting any wind. SD was 7.95, with average KZ of 1.15” and average distance of 31.6yds.

Jerry Cox…

[linked image]

Since the changeover to 16x scopes permitted in Hunter Class, and the limited time people have had to set-up and practice, it was decided to provide the ranges to all targets. Shooters could use the data, or not, as they chose. Scores did not seem affected one way or the other.

Cliff Montgomery…

[linked image]

Among the eight Hunter shooters, Bob Dye led with a 50/60, followed closely at 48 by Paul Kocurek, and Kevin Enzian with 45. Jim Clarke ventured the long drive from S. Texas, to post a 46 in Hunter Piston.

Not only did Matt Sawyer bring the same gun to two consecutive matches (really?), it was a PCP to boot, shooting a fine 47 in WFTF-PCP. Here’s Proof…

Matt Sawyer shooting a…. PCP!

[linked image]

In WFTF Piston, Jeff Cloud scored 40, and Cliff Montgomery posted a 20

A hearty welcome to two new shooters, Mike Sohner and Daniel Rowe. I hope you come back in the Spring when it will be much warmer, Saturday, April 14th, at 9:00am


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