NorCal Air Gunners Match Report 2-10-18 AAFTA Match

February 12 2018 at 10:50 PM
Ronnie Easton Match Director in Sacramento  (Login Thumpman1)

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The Morning started out to be the nicest day, but by the time the sight in range was torn down, the wind had picked up real strong. everyone started their first lane with their wind flag straight out. estimated steady wind speed was around 10-12 mph with gust over 20-25 mph. the temperature kept dropping as the day progressed. the exact complement of how things usually go at the club. we had around 15 shooters who indicated interests in attending but the wind advisory may have chased away a few that would have normally attended.

The course was set to a 52 shot, 29T course before calculating wind. all targets were visible from all shooting positions. no target malfunctions, no target protests, and no cold lines were called during the match, which made for a flawless and exciting course utilizing a full range of kill zone sizes from 3/8" on up to 2". we used a course planner like always, but since this is our AAFTA sanctioned match, we removed the bell targets we usually put out and replaced them with AAFTA approved knock down targets. our longest target was a 1.5" kz placed at 55 yards. we had two forced position lanes ( kneeling, standing), which in the wind, made for some challenging conditions whilst holding the rifle and trying to keep the cross hairs inside the kz. happy.gif

after a day like we had Saturday makes everything easy peezy for the rest of the season, and Ronnie says that he is going to put $50 in the kitty for any shooter/shooters who can beat him at the next match. so come on out and enjoy some air gunning happy.gif everyone had a blast!

congrats to Jim M and Tom K for an outstanding performance being so new to the game. Ronnie looks for these two to shine this year.

Chris M attended the match to work out any cob webs after being MIA for a few months. he also talked about the Nevada state match as he is hosting this event again this year. he has indicated the the lanes will be groomed, the course will look awesome, and encourages everyone to join him up in Nevada later on in the season where he will hand out awards to shooters for this Grand Prix Event.

thanks for attending everyone.

[linked image]

Chris M open 35
Tom K open 31
Ronnie OPen 43/52

Scott St hunter 41
Mike C hunter 41
Warren hunter 39
Jim M hunter 31
Marty G hunter 15

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