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How about: Are Piston shooters a dying breed?

August 3 2012 at 4:53 PM

HookEm  (Login HookEm)

Well, it certainly looks like the migration to PCP is increasing day by day.

Open: Although the number of Piston shooters have not necessarily declined overall, the Open class has been a victim of attrition to other Piston classes that are now available.

Hunter: I certainly would not shoot Hunter-Piston (my hat's off to those that do)... IMO, the range-finding handicap of a 12x scope almost forces the issue of shooting at full power; which translates to using a PCP.

WFTF: I've been trying WFTF-Piston since late '09, but that class has not grown much at all; whereas WFTF-PCP has grown at a pretty decent clip (and with very good shooters too).

Anyways, perhaps I'm just trying to rationalize a move to the dark-side... Yes, I've got a 12fpe TM1000 on order (and will start shooting it after Nats this year).

And no, I'm not giving up on my springers; I'll just shoot both (but most likely WFTF-PCP at major matches).

After 10 years of shooting solely Piston, please don't call me 'sell out' (LOL).

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Bill Day
(Login dayjd)

Hook'em I hear what you're sayin ..........................

August 3 2012, 5:19 PM 

I've have a sweet shooting HW97 that I tuned myself with a JM kit. Had Paul bishop put his custom stock on it and at some point I wanted to try the Hunter Springer game. Now I've decided it won't happen to after I win a few big shoots again. Been pretty dry the last couple years so I may never get the chance to play a different game.

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Mark G.
(Login mark600)

I was discussing this very same topic with Wayne today.

August 3 2012, 10:54 PM 

I might like to try my hand at piston. Was thinking an HW97 would fit the bill.

Head Gopher and Assistant
Match Director Ashland Air Rifle Range
Ashland OR


Mark Gravelle

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(Login stevevines)

I sure hope piston shooters don't go the way of the dodo bird -

August 4 2012, 12:14 AM 

the game is so relatively young that it's still evolving. We all overthink it a bit too. I shoot FT for enjoyment, it's (WFTF Piston) not a political party, so we all have the luxury of changing our mind as well as our division. I say do whatever tickles your fancy and keeps the game fresh & exiting for you. Life is way too short, and when I can make it I hope to keep seeing you at future matches Leo, whatever you decide to shoot!



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Donovan Taylor
(Login jamdon)

This is exactly how I feel about it. I have shot both....

August 4 2012, 7:44 AM 

WFTF PCP and Open Class PCP.....over the past three weeks I have been practicing with A HW97K that is shooting at just over 13fpe. It has re-energized me for the game. I have challenged myself to master the spring gun. Will I? I don't know but I am having a great time finding out. happy.gif

Life is short...slow down and enjoy

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Jock Elliott
(Login airguneditor1)

At the Northeast Regional FT championship

August 6 2012, 3:17 PM 

Kevin Yee outshot the open class PCP top score with a piston gun. And he was the only guy to shoot the same score (50) both days.

Kevin demonstrates that it can be done, and done well.

Jock Elliott
Airgun writer,
correspondent, Precision Shooting Magazine
author, "Elliott on Airguns"
airgun blog:https://www.airgunsofarizona.com/blog/blog.html

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(Login HookEm)

No doubt it can be done... The question is: how do we get more Piston shooters involved?

August 6 2012, 4:04 PM 


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not sure how

August 6 2012, 5:53 PM 

we have tried at HR. I added piston/hunter knowing it would dilute piston class but hoping to grow the piston participation overall. It has been static throughout spring and summer though.

I am somewhat dismayed that after four years of training to shoot springer that we are having such a poor reception at nationals and may not have an open springer class. I don't want to learn a whole new discipline in such a short time. I guess if i go i will shoot open pcp with my springer just cause its unlikely i will ever attend another nationals.

When i started there were more springer guys but the availability of so many great pcp guns has pulled that base away. Eventually wins shooting springer will be meaningless since there will be no one to compete with. I will buy a pcp then.

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Mike Aber
(Login Boomer_Mikey)


August 7 2012, 2:26 AM 

Want more piston participation... don't put them in the same classes with PCP shooters.

Airguns are a gas


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Ed Canoles
(Login nced1)

There's some truth to that (for me anyway).

August 7 2012, 7:49 AM 

When I competed in the 2010 Nationals in Maryland I was shooting hunter class that was combined piston/PCP and out of 17 shooters in the class, only 5 were piston shooters. The following year the Nationals was held close enough to my NC home that I considered taking the wife and making it a sort of vacation trip (wife wanted to visit DollyWorld LOL). Well......after perusing the entries I noticed that NONE were piston shooters in a combined class so I thought "what's the point"!

Since the piston/PCP class split, at DIFTA the hunter class has grown to the point that there usually have been enough shooters to actually give separate awards. Quite a change IMHO from when I would get a 3rd place certificate for a field of three hft shooters!

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