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A few Photos from Nationals...

October 14 2016 at 10:50 AM

Bob D.  (Login MB-BOB)

I tried to remind myself to take more photos this year, but I only managed to collect a few moments...

Don Carkhuff in the Sunday Kneeling lane...
[linked image]

Glenn Thomas on lane 3 in the Friday Pistol Match. Notice the even lighting because Friday was generally overcast (and windy)...
[linked image]

Will Piatt scoring for Vipha Miller...
[linked image]

Alex Modic's non-conventional (Open) offhand style...
[linked image]

Vlad Berchanskiy shooting Open. Notice how totally relaxed that left forearm appears...
[linked image]

Charles Garvey in Hunter. This picture shows the patchiness of light and dark (light/dark, light/dark, etc), typical
in the Red Course Lanes on Saturday when the Sun shined. For some reason, most (if not all) of the targets came to rest in the shady bits.
Go figure?
[linked image]

I seriously considered skipping Paw Paw due to all the weather variables in a northern venue in October.
But the weather was great for a fall weekend in Michigan. I'm so happy I went.

Thanks to Chris Martin and all his fine staff for the hospitality (including the ice cream bars) and for successfully
hearding 100+ cats for the weekend. I know it was stressful (always is). But two weeks from now, you will all have
some beer and a good laugh.
[linked image]

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(Login Boomer75)

Hey Bob! nice pics! Guess we need to name you an Honorary BAGANITE!

October 14 2016, 12:04 PM 

Thanks for following the BAGA guys around and documenting their weekend. happy.gif

Your new title is "Bob the BAGANITE"

has a snappy ring! I like it. happy.gif
"I am not addicted...I can quit anytime I want...I just don't want to..."

[linked image]http://www.bagaclub.com/

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(Login DonC)

Vlad and I

October 14 2016, 12:05 PM 

Sure enjoyed shooting with you Bob.
We were a curious threesome, Bob is a really fast shooter. He figures if the crosshairs are on,why wait. I guess I am a medium fast shooter. I usually have 1:30 left on the timer. Fellow BAGA clubmate Vlad sometimes will end with 25seconds on the clock. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
When Bob got to the kneeling lane he said something I never thought I would never hear from a competitor. He said,"I just LOVE kneeling shots,". I then watched him clean the kneeling lane in record time.
Bob,s kneeling roll is very clever. It is actually a section of schedule 40 PVC pipe. He glued on a section of computer mouse pad to cushion his ankle. It ends up lighter and smaller than a kneeling roll. Purity clever Bob.
By the way, the previous day I was freezing. I forgot to bring warm stuff. But my club mate Vlad came over and asked me if I would like to put on one of his shirts. Isn,t that something? I declined but In true sportsmanship behavior, Vlad , as the saying goes, "would give ya the shirt of his back."
Thanks again Chris and team for all your efforts on our behalf.

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Vlad B.
(Login VladB)

Re: A few Photos from Nationals...

October 14 2016, 12:15 PM 

Bob, it was a pleasure shooting with you!

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Bob D.
(Login MB-BOB)

It was great fun...

October 18 2016, 9:10 AM 

shooting with you and Don, as well. You two are club mates who know each other well. But you immediately welcomed me in... I never felt like an outsider. I learned a lot in watching your different techniques, and especially enjoyed reminiscing about 10 meter shooting... current for you, Vlad, but 25 years in the mirror for me, LOL.
[linked image]

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Paul Porch
(Login paulporch)

Bo, looks like Alex took a lesson from the Bob Dye handbook of

October 14 2016, 5:18 PM 

Unusual off hand pistol shooting and applied it to rifle!

Thanks for the photos.... We will see you
In the spring at the Canjun Classic..

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