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First FT Match for Connecticut Air Gunners in April?

March 13 2017 at 1:13 PM

Leo G in CT  (Login gonzav71)

Thinking of hosting the first field target match for Connecticut Air Gunners in the month of April.
Just want some feed back on the specific dates for those interested in attending.

Venue: 42-48 shot course (21-24 targets) 7-8 lanes, average distance 37-40 yards, average kill zone size 1.5"
Bonus Target (2" paddle only) located anywhere from 75 to 100 yards.
AAFTA Divisions plus Unlimited Class (California rules-range finders & attached bipods allowed)

Cost: $10 Adults, $8 Juniors (Waivers/Release from Liability forms)

Location: North St (dirt road), Lebanon, CT
Private property, long narrow flat grassy area next to pond and swamp land, dirt road parking only, no toilet facilities, no electricity.

Potential Dates in April: 1st (Saturday), 9th (Sunday), 15th (Saturday Only - 16th is Easter Sunday), (Saturday 22nd is at SPARC, Salem, NY match), 23rd (Sunday), 29th (Saturday), 30th (Sunday)

Please indicate which day is good for you.
Match will be cancelled/post-posed if rain and muddy road conditions exist.

Leo G
Connecticut Air Gunners
Cell (203) 988-4261

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Tom Wade
(Login tom2009)

The only dates I have a conflict with 4-9 and 4-22

March 13 2017, 3:44 PM 

otherwise any of those dates work, looking forward to a new venue.
Live Simply
Eastern Suffolk competitive Airguners Association.
email: escaaclub@gmail.com
Website: escaaclub.com

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Leo G in CT
(Login gonzav71)

Got it

March 13 2017, 11:15 PM 

I will work around those days for you.

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(Login bvan62)

Any date but 4/22

March 14 2017, 7:39 AM 



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Leo G in CT
(Login gonzav71)

Match Set for April 1st with April 30th Rain Date

March 15 2017, 11:32 AM 


Thanks for the feedback. I spoke with the owner about the dates and I got approval.
I have 10-12 people interested. That should be good enough for first match.

Match Date: April 1st Saturday.
Rain Date or another potential match: April 30th Sunday.

I will post the official match info soon.


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