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Deep Woods South Carolina Match 3/18/2017

March 19 2017 at 10:44 AM
Jerry   (Login JCTX)

The semi-annual "Deep Woods" field target match is organized by Mark Wulfekotte, and held on his private wooded acreage about a mile from Promised Land, South Carolina, in the Piedmont region of the state. Mark's property is heavily wooded, and a perfect place to set up a FT course, with lanes radiating out from a central clearing, all lanes going out into dense piney woods.

This was my first match in a long time, having relocated from the Dallas area to the Blue Ridge of North Carolina last spring. After seeing some posts, I decided at the last minute to dust off my equipment, and leave early Saturday to shoot, after Mark messaged an invitation.

Regrettably, I did not take any pictures, apart from the scoreboard - hopefully there will be others.'

I left my home about 6 AM for a two hour drive down the hill on Highway 25. A pleasant route on almost completely rural roads after coming out of Greenville. Conditions were cloudy, with some sprinkles as we ranged - it looked a bit threatening, but the clouds thinned, with moderately cool and overcast skies. It was windy during much of the match, with enough gusts to be a notable factor.

I was very pleased to meet some well known FT shooters, and amazed with the skill of many. Members of the Airgun Atlanta and the Tarheel Airgun Club were there, and it is apparent they all know how nicely Mark sets this event. The sight in range was large and had many ranged targets, and I greatly enjoyed nearly a full hour of practice sitting next to Will Piatt.

Mark squadded himself with me, and we had a great discourse about airgunning, retirement, and our mutual happiness with this part of the country.

The targets were set into ten lanes, each of them had tight slot openings through the trees, many of them high, or under cover. There was very little difficulty with his improved Gamo targets, I recall only one cold line being called, and that target was adjusted so that we shot uninterrupted. The pacing went very well, not much delay as we all seemed to keep moving, with little distance between the shooting lines. Mark told us the setup was a high Troyer, as he knew there were shooters prepping for the Bayou match in two weeks.

I shot OK, considering my minimal practice and preparation. My scope wheel came completely loose, but may not have made much difference, given the famous ability of the Weaver Kaspa to range everything beyond 30 yards at the same position on the wheel. I would clear one lane, and hit 2/6 on the next all day. Hard to understand, but I know it was NOT the pellets. happy.gif

There were some impressive scores, these Carolina shooters are well equipped, and highly skilled. Will Piatt cleaned the course (wow!), and several others were close behind. Given the wind gusts and the setup difficulty, I am going to have to work a lot harder to come close to this.

Mark did an admirable job on the setup (and shot darn well), and we had some excellent fried chicken and home made sides - the Promised Land Grocery beats KFC easily.

I am certain that everyone enjoyed this. The only cross words I heard involved Paul Porch and the sear of his Steyr (my deepest sympathies). Hope to come back in the fall, and I'm saving for a new scope. Thanks for all your effort, Mark. Enjoyed meeting everyone. Great job!

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Bob D.
(Login MB-BOB)

Good to hear from you, Jerry...

March 19 2017, 4:42 PM 

Nice to hear that you've found at least one of the Carolina clubs and are shooting again. Maybe you, Paul and Chris can each bring out your Crosman 1720Ts and teach them Carolina boys how to shoot the 35-yard game.
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Chris Corey
(Login NCairgunner)

Bob, I'm working on the 1720 today

March 19 2017, 5:36 PM 

I just got it back from Puerto Rico. Manolo worked his magic on it for me. So I'm getting my scope re-zeroed & a new elevation tape made. Hope to test it out @ Chris B's next weekend & be ready for the Cajuns the following weekend.

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Randy Smith
(Login AirGumby)

Glad you're still in the hunt, Jerry. nt

March 20 2017, 9:49 AM 

really, nt

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