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Connecticut Air Gunners (CAG) Match Report 2017 April 2

April 3 2017 at 8:25 PM

Leo G in CT  (Login gonzav71)

Connecticut Air Gunners Match Report – 2017 April 2
Location: North St, Lebanon, CT
Match Site: Long and narrow flat open field with a pond on one side and trees on the other. Open corn field beyond the trees and marshy swamp land beyond the pond.
Temperature: 35-60 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind: Shifting variable 10-20 MPH
Number of Targets: 27 (54 points maximum)
Average Distance: 36.48 yards (13 targets over 40 yards)
Average Kill Zone: 1.54” (Mix of 1 ½” & 40mm kill zones)
Course Difficulty: 27.18T (33.13T with Wind)
Bonus Target: Six shots (points max) at 2” paddle at 75 yards
Match Times: Setup 6:30-8:30 AM, Practice 9:00–10:10 AM, Match 10:15 AM-1:45 PM, Course Take Down 2:15 PM-3:00 PM

28/54 John Eroh - Air Arms EV2 – AADF 8.4 grains – 790 fps - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT MH

PCP Open
42/54 Match High - Brian Van Liew - FX400 FT – AADFH 10.3 grains – 875 fps - Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 (Excellent shooting!)
25/54 Glenn Thomas - Hammerli AR20FT – AADF 8.4 grains - Bushnell 8-32x40

PCP Unlimited
18/54 Hans Apelles - 1720 rifle – AADF 8.4 grains – 760 fps - Leupold 35x

Piston WFTF
33/54 Nathan Thomas - Walther LGU – AADF 8.4 grains – 795 fps - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT MOA-H
32/54 Leo Gonzales - Walther LGU – AADF 8.4 grains – 775 fps - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT MOA-2
30/54 Matt Brackett - Air Arms TX200 – AADF 8.4 grains – 770 fps - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT MOA-H

Piston Open
11/54 Tom Holland - HW97K .22 – H&N Barracuda Match 21.1 grains - 571 fps - Leapers 8-32x56

Bonus Target Results:
2/6 Brian Van Liew
1/6 John Eroh
1/6 Matt Brackett
1/6 Nathan Thomas

Setting up Saturday April 1st (measurement and placement of target bases) was miserable to say the least. Constant chilly rain from the morning until late afternoon and heavy winds made things quite challenging. Changing the day of the match from Saturday 1st to Sunday 2nd proved to be the better call than just cancelling the match all together.

It was cold setting up in the Sunday morning but got warmer into the high 50s as the day progressed. John helped setup the course and especially the one elevated tree shot - a Gamo/Quality Target Bat face plate. John used my 21-foot ladder to get it done. Many thanks for John's help in making this match happen.

Wind, wind, wind, a little more wind, a little bit more wind and a boat load of wind. That was the general description of the match conditions. Shifting variable winds troubled everyone. Aiming 3-8 inches away from the kill zone was the hard lesson to learn in these trying conditions. Many wind flags were fluttering horizontal at times.

For the first match of Connecticut Air Gunners, I wanted to do a match with all full-sized kill zones and an average distance greater than 35 yards. I knew a few people in the Northeast and New England area who are planning on going to Wales this September. I have read that WFTF matches have 60% of the targets set beyond 38.27 yards – 35 meters. I wanted to simulate similar match conditions (difficulty wise) for those shooters as a training session. The windy weather made a hard match into an insanely difficult one. It might be similar conditions in Wales. The scores show it. Many comments (gripes) during the practice session and during the match about missing the kill zone left and right – holding off too much or not enough.

For the bonus target (a side match), Paul Porch made a custom 2" round paddle only target. I placed a white foam core board behind it for higher contrast and visibility. I highly commend John, Nathan, Matt and especially Brian (twice) for hitting the 75-yard bonus target in those windy conditions.

We did have four cold lines for targets that got unclamped from the wood bases. For the next match, I will just screw the targets to the wood bases rather than clamping them.

I was surprised that Tom Holland was shooting his Thumbhole stocked HW97K. He mentioned that all of his PCP rifles were not in a shootable condition – in pieces. Welcome to piston rifle shooting Tom.

We had two spectators Bob from Rhode Island and Ken from CT. They seem to have an enjoyable time talking to the shooters about field target and air rifles in general. I hope to get them shooting for our next match.

Thanks to all who attended, helped take down the course and made the match a good first start for CT Air Gunners.

A special thanks to Tom Wade and Hector Medina who do not make it to the match but donated some match related supplies (Hector - 9 Remington KD targets, 60 plastic clamps; Tom - 12 Paper Target Holders) making the match possible.

Next match: April 30th Sunday.

Leo Gonzales
CT Air Gunners

Link to photos below.

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(Login rich177)

thank you for the report

April 4 2017, 9:53 AM 

Congrads on running your first match in Connecticut. It will be nice to see a Field target presence in Connecticut.

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Paul Porch
(Login paulporch)

Leo, congrats on your work establishing the couse... Glad all turned out week. I

April 4 2017, 12:16 PM 

Am glad your lollipop CAD design you sent me fit your needs... Yeah that Brian is something.I had him day one at the Pyramid but he smoked us the next day...

Still good job from he others....

Looking forward to more reports from our neighbors in the far north!

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Matt B.
(Login MattJP)

Blew me away! :)

April 4 2017, 12:52 PM 

Hey Leo,

Thanks so much for the inception of this shoot, and all the work you and John did to get it to happen. It was pretty humbling to dust off the winter cobwebs - in such high winds! It was all I could do to smile as all six of my first shots of the match were blown wide of the kill zones on those long targets at the edge of the pond. I've never held off that much, so it was a real lesson. Splitting left and right was the pattern for the day.

I was squadded with Hans, and I was really glad he came down to join the fun. It's always a pleasure to share a match with him.

Besides some bonehead mistakes on shots that should have been much more achievable, it felt fantastic to drop the occasional 55 yarder in those winds, not to mention that single 75 yard shot! Since my SIII Sightron won't focus that far, I had to dial down to 12x and aim my best in the fuzziness. I must of held seven to eight inches into the wind for that hit.

The match was as well-run as any in the region: great targets, layout, and administration. I'm sure the spectators were impressed and hopefully will return.


Matt B.

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Paul Porch
(Login paulporch)

Matt, you can send your 55 yard only FT SIII back to Sightron and they will re-para

April 4 2017, 5:52 PM 

free. We sent mine back and had it done 10 to 300 yards. Did not change any of my clicks. Just stopped at 10 not 8 and I can shoot at those fun shots at 75 and 100 yards....

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Matt B.
(Login MattJP)


April 4 2017, 7:09 PM 

Thanks, Paul. I learned about that from some of the other guys there. I probably won't get to that this season, but might address it over next winter.


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John in Ma
(Login jroh1)

What a great day for wind practice.

April 4 2017, 6:11 PM 

Thank you for finding this place Leo. If anyone needs an accelerated course on shooting in the wind then you should have been there. While the winds were challenging the course was well laid out and a joy to shoot. Thank you Leo for putting it all together. I'm looking forward to the next match.

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