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Has there ever been a North or S. American shooter in the WHFT championships?

May 17 2017 at 6:27 PM

Casey  (Login SDplinker)

Just curious. Dominated by the British but the continental Europeans put in a good showing too.


I know a UKHFT/WHFTA shoot was held in the south once. Anybody else tried it? Curious how people liked/disliked it vs. the US HFT game.


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(Login lhd)

I like how we play in the USA

May 17 2017, 9:29 PM 

I prefer to sit when I shoot, and HFT does not allow sitting while shooting, and forces prone for shooting (which I REALLY hate) some shots. Also, since one must shoot all shots from varied distances without being able to refocus the scope, some shots must be taken with parallax error and blurry sight pictures ... seems another foolish thing thats done just to make the game DIFFERENT than "regular" FT.

Heck, few shooters in the US want to shoot the "regular" FT game as played in UK, so I suspect HFT would be even less attractive to this readership.

There is no US HFT Game, the fact there is a Hunter CLASS that bears no real relationship to the Brit game is often used as an excuse to relate the essentially unrelatable.

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(Login Pigzpellet)

Me too but...

May 19 2017, 5:41 PM 

Didn't you just hold a WFTF match? I'm just sayin....


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Bill day
(Login dayjd2)

Me three! nt

May 20 2017, 7:50 AM 

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Scott Hull
(Login Scotchmo1957)

Re: Has there ever been a North or S. American shooter in the WHFT championships?

May 17 2017, 11:18 PM 

At different times, I've tried elements of real HFT, prone/terrain features(lane posts in this case)/no_bipod:


And I've shot a whole match without touching the scope. At last years Piston Championships, that's also how the six Basic Break Barrel shooters did it:


The prone shooting is not bad once you get used to it. Even if they did not allow seats, I think they should at least allow sitting shots.

The no-touch-scope might be harder for us to get used to, but very doable if you keep the magnification low.

I would probably never travel overseas to shoot HFT, but would compete here if there was such a match.

It's bigger than any other FT type game, but mostly a UK sport, by far

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(Login JHoward2882)


May 18 2017, 7:31 PM 

If you wanted to try a UKAHFT style match I would totally go to that. Pretty sure Lonnie would try it to if your ever interested in seeing how it plays out.

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(Login AngliaUSA)


May 18 2017, 8:44 PM 

I'd be game as well !

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