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RE : Mt. Cheaha Airgunners Inaugural UKAHFT Match Report

June 29 2017 at 11:44 PM

Rod   (Login happyhtr)

Ok first I've got to say that was one fun time. I started out thinking the match would be fun but I had no idea just how much fun it would be! I feel it more closely resembles hunting ( my style). The challenge was not only proper shot execution. One also has to be able to eyeball rangefind, figure out wind dope as needed, figure out where to hold to slip a pellet past the KZ edges, figure the best rifle hold based on target placement, and about a gob more things all at once! Oh I forgot you had to do all this while laying on a bowling ball on some lanes (at least in my case).
You would think this game would be a cinch since in some cases you can use supports. But there are so many other things involved that must be correct before the flight is true. Interesting and challenging to play for sure. I believe this game can be played with just about anything you have to shoot with and as time goes on I plan to try different rifles and see which will be my favorite. I tried the rubberized Panther this go round and it performed flawlesly. My line of thinking was if it started raining, like it was supposed to do that day, the panther would be less for wear based on its design as an "all weather rifle". I shot it below 12 ft lbs but wont hesitate in the future to try it at 17 like we do it over here. If you like a challenge, have a rifle laying around waiting for a date, like getting a little closer to nature and want to learn something new, try out Pauls next showdown. Or try talking your friendly neighborhood match director into diving in! Rod

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