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CASA 7/23/2017 FT Match Report

July 23 2017 at 11:05 PM
George D.  (Login mgkd)

CASA 7/23/2017 FT Match Report, Angeles Range-East

The July 23rd CASA Field Target Match was held at the Angeles Shooting Range-East. Temperatures went from the low-70s at the beginning of the match to the high-80s by the end but there was some humidity too. Sunny skies with a variable breeze, about 2-7 mph.

The course consisted of twelve lanes(48 shots) with a variety of kill zones and target distances. There were eight positional shots: four offhand and another four kneeling. We also had six elevated shots.

We had eight participants and everyone lent a hand in setting up and tearing down the course. It was great to have a new shooter: Tuanvu spectated during the previous match and decided to take the plunge this time. The course was quite challenging so Tuanvu dove into the deep end of FT!

Kelly Hawe led Open PCP with a 47/48. Jeff Carmello entered Hunter Piston and scored a very strong 38/48. Larry Pirrone used his Walther LGU to good effect and in Open Piston and scored a 30/48. Ron Jobbes was planning to give Larry a run for his money but he messed up his elevation settings(CASA official excuse #11). Terry Eannetta's score in Open PCP was hampered by his custom Marauder's hammer adjustment coming loose. It had been quite a while since Rob Wild visited the ASR range and this time he brought an early Daystate Huntsman that was bedded into a FWB P70 stock! I am not sure if he had ever shot that rifle before but he did really well in WFTF PCP: 37/48.


Jeff Carmello, 38/48, AEON 8-32x50, Air Arms 7.87

Kelly Hawe, 46/48, Daystate CR97, BSA 10-50x60, JSB 10.34
Terry Eannetta, 19/48, Benjamin Marauder, Sightron SIII 10-50x60, JSB 13.43 Monster
Tuanvu Le, 10/48, Benjamin Marauder, Athlon 6-24x50, JSB 18.1

Larry Pirrone, 30/48, Walther LGU, Hawke 8-32, Air Arms 7.87
Ron Jobbes, 21/48, Air Arms TX200, Bushnell 8-32x40, JSB/AOA 8.44

George Doganis, 47/48, Steyr LG110FT, March 10-60x52, JSB 7.87
Rob Wild, 37/48, Daystate Huntsman/FWB P70, Swift 8-32, JSB 8.44

For schedule details, match locations, etc., please visithttp://www.socasa.org/

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bill corder
(Login billcorder)

Great shooting George, you almost cleared the course...

July 24 2017, 12:55 AM 

I hope to see you at our AZ State shoot in September up in Flagstaff. Until then, or Nationals, shoot straight.

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George D.
(Login mgkd)

Looking forward to Mormon Lake if my

July 24 2017, 12:02 PM 

unpredictable work schedule cooperates...

In this last match I missed an easy shot but made some others that I am sure there was some luck involved. Better be lucky than good!

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Larry Pirrone

slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

July 24 2017, 12:14 PM 

Thanks for the report George. Had trouble with gun shooting low. Checked it this morning and it was a full 4-5 clicks low across the board but chrony was normal at 800 fps. I was shooting low at sight in but the wind was blowing directly at us and I did not want to mess with my zero that was dead on the day before. That's one+ minute of angle. I did ok on longer shots for some reason and second shots as well. I kept hitting low but the problem was really obvious on my close targets. I missed 8 of 12 first shots on close targets. I compensated on second shots on the short targets and only missed two. By the way, temp sure felt hotter than in the 80's. I was whipped at the end of this match.

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