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Scope advice for Crosman 1720T........

August 9 2017 at 11:30 PM
DonC  (Login DonC)

I just bought a 1720 pistol for Field Target pistol competitions. What 12X max scope do you recommend?
Thank you.

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Paul Porch
(Login paulporch)

Don, I an many use the UTG/Leapers 3-12x44 with the GLASS ETCHED reticle. It

August 10 2017, 9:45 AM 

Is illuminated and inexpensive at about $120 on Amazon. I had a Sightron 3-12 on my 1720T but switched to the Leapers as it has a side parralax instead of the AO.

Make sure it is the etched glass reticle as they sell two types. The other is too thick of a reticle for the far shots in FT pistol.

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Bob D.
(Login MB-BOB)

A scope for Pistol is a different kettle of fish...

August 10 2017, 10:13 AM 

The choices are more limited for pistol, because the pistol is inherently less stable than the rifle, so WEIGHT and SIZE become immediate considerations, IMO. Rifle scopes on a pistol tend to get real "tippy" real fast, because the bigger, longer and heavier the scope, the more top-heavy the airgun becomes.

For Hunter Pistol, where clicking is not allowed, a smaller (compact) and lighter scope is a good choice and slightly easier to find. But for "Limited" Pistol, you may want the smallest rifle scope you can find with the most robust clicking elevation adjustment.

So, for Hunter Pistol, the UTG 3-12x 44mm compact mentioned by Paul is a good choice for many. Not sure you can find it for his suggested $120 with the etched glass reticle (probably the lesser model at that price), but you will find the etched-glass version regularly for around $160. You want ONLY the etched-glass version. Link here:http://www.opticsplanet.com/leapers-accushot-3-12x44mm-illumination-enhancing-mil-dot-rifle-s.html

I use the UTG myself for its Large Objective lens, compact size, relatively light weight for a 30mm tube, Side Focus and clear, etched-glass (mildot) reticle. But I shoot Hunter. Someone shooting Limited Class will have to comment on the clickability of this scope. I have my reservations on this scope for repeated clicking as used for Limited, but I may be completely wrong...

It's a bit older now, but this thread about pistol scopes was pertinent at the time, and I don't think the available options have changed much sinhttp://www.network54.com/Forum/451309/message/1387725870
[linked image]

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Ron Robinson
(Login compressive)

Scope choice being highly subjective

August 10 2017, 1:26 PM 

As far as I'm concerned, all the "variables" that make choosing a scope SO subjective are "magnified" when it comes to scoping a pistol. Bob makes good points about mass being more critical on an FT pistol. Extra weight that may be beneficial off a bipod definitely works against you on the offhand lane. How much is enough or too much will vary from individual to individual (hence, the subjectiveness).

One thing I feel bears pointing out pertaining PFT scope choice is is there is (arguably) less need for clicking than in RFT.

You should TRY other folks' rigs as much as possible to get a better feel for what works or appeals to you. BTW, the search for the perfect FT scope (rifle or pistol) never ends.

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Scott Hull
(Login Scotchmo1957)

Don, I use the UTG/Leapers 3-12x44 with the WIRE reticle. It

August 10 2017, 1:33 PM 

is available from many sources for <$120. And Often in the $90-$100 range if you look around.



The compact version is more suited to pistols and small rifles. The Full length version is more suited to big rifles. I use both versions, on different guns.

In my judgement, the UTG etched glass reticle is slightly too thin, and the wire reticle is slightly too thick. I prefer the wire reticle because the mil-dots are more standard. There are some other subtle advantages to the wire reticle. They are definitely not too thick for the 35 yard shots in FT pistol. And they are even OK for the 55 yards in FT rifle.

I would probably get the etched glass reticle if it were the same configuration as the wire reticle (slightly thicker with standard sized mil-dots). The etched glass type is believed to be more durable. But I have never had a problem with the UTG wire reticles, even on spring guns. So the wire reticle seems durable enough.

But if you are a "clicker", I would NOT recommend either of them.

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Ron Robinson
(Login compressive)

"But if you are a "clicker", I would NOT recommend either of them."

August 10 2017, 1:43 PM 

Scott, can I assume that you've found the clicking on UTG scopes less responsive, repeatable, dependable than they should be, as I have?

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Scott Hull
(Login Scotchmo1957)


August 10 2017, 2:28 PM 

They do not seem to track all that consistently. I like to take a few shots to insure that any adjustments settle in. Then I lock it down, and recheck.

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(Login DonC)

Re: Yes....

August 10 2017, 5:49 PM 

Thanks for all advice.
What scope do the "Clickers" like to use?

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