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Umarex Gauntlet as an entry level FT gun?

October 12 2017 at 3:10 PM

dan_house  (Login dan_house)

While the gun itself is still largely vaporware, the reviews and the pundits all seem to like.

Sub US$300.oo, regulated, 60+ shot count and adjustable buttstock and cheekpiece.... all things that make a good FT gun.

PA has UTG 4-16x56 mildot for $140 (and you can find many FT capable scopes in that price range used.....)..... SO even if they wind up NOT liking FT (in which case stop talking to them , as you dont need that kind of negativy happy.gif ) your still gonna have a decent fun gun for not much money.........

Have been working on my Maximus to build it up for FT, but Im thinking the Gauntlet may have the Maxi beat out of the gate...... Shot count, shot to shot consistency and making the gun fit you are already behind the Umarex offering.

When/IF they ever get here, I might get one and shoot Hunter for a match

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(Login Kerndtc)

I believe the same thing

October 13 2017, 11:55 AM 

You need to strip yourself of the negativity, anti FT friends aren't a good influence.

I ordered my Gauntlet in march. Waiting and waiting....

The gun on paper seems to have great potential, with the reg, mag, shroud and a QB based platform I can't wait to get some rounds through it.

What have you done to you Maximus to set it up for ft? .177 or .22?

I've been setting up discos and Maximus for the past few years as my first ft gun was a disco .22 at 16fpe. That was a loopy gun!

I have countless hours working on these things. Id be happy to talk about it to help out while you wait for a Gauntlet!


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(Login dan_house)

Maximus prep for FT? um, err... not much

October 19 2017, 5:35 PM 

filed it, stuffed the buttstock and got pulled off that for other "more important" issues.....

Seems to me the Gaulntlet has all the stuff Id wind up doing to the Maxi anyway. The one thing the Gauntlet has OOB is the adjsutable stock, and the maximus doenst, and Im all about ergonomics.....

I'll keep building the maxi, maybe get the Gauntlet (needs a good nickname though) and shoot a USHFT match next spring....

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Raymond Hawkins
(Select Login rhawk1)

Nothing But Great Reviews

October 14 2017, 6:34 PM 

Nothing to fear in purchasing this rifle. I never heard of Umarex Gauntlet prior to reading your post. I went straight to YouTube where I found some really good reviews. See the one from Southern Shooter where he put one through it's paces. He sold me. Nothing at all negative found in the reviews. Shot count and accuracy is exceptional. I may have a couple of new shooters coming along that will be very interested in one of these and I can't wait to tell them.

Raymond Hawkins

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