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2nd WFTF Training Rally, 23-25 March 2018, Heflin, Al

February 5 2018 at 11:30 AM
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OK, I'm about to bite...

February 6 2018, 11:08 PM 

Please tell me more about the timetable & agenda... For example:
1) What's going on Friday and at what time does that start?
2) At what time do you expect to be done on Sunday?


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Thanks for asking, Leo

February 7 2018, 8:52 AM 

Friday is sign-in & training day. Those who fly into town need it to go over their guns. We'll have air there for them. It's also a head-banging day for spring gun shooters to get their guns settled down.

Depending on what we see on the sign in sheets we'll organize some training to suit the crowd.

We see Friday going something like this:

Sight-in 8 am- whenever

10am training. This will vary depending on skill level & it'll run the gamut from bumbag shooting for new guys, paired training drills for Natural Point of Aim assessment, building a solid offhand position, wind & angle shooting discussions, wind practise if we have wind on the sighin range.

1pm- Silhouette match------we don't have targets for this yet. We're likely going to have to buy the individual ones & tie them to sawbucks with strings.

Knockoff when we feel like it.

Friday can be skipped if you want.

Sight-in will open on Saturday at 8 am. We'll plan to hold a quick shooters meeting around 10:30 and shoot the course from 11 am-3 pm. Once complete anyone can go back and shoot the course again in full or in part.

Sunday will be planned to start earlier so people can get out of there. Sight-in 8 am, shooters meeting 9 am, shoot thew course from 9:30 to 1-2 pm. Afterwords those who want to stick around can work on the course.

The main thing to keep in mind is that training can't be planned if we don't know who is going to show up & what they want to do. We had some great wind shooting discussions in Ashland, but they were off the cuff. For me personally it was of great benefit to talk with serious WFTF guys and get their differing perspective on techniques and other aspects of the sport.

The other point to understand is that participation in training isn't mandatory. If you're having gun issues you'll be free to work them out as long as is necessary on Friday if you want.

You can show up when you want and leave when you must. We want people who can't take off from work to be able to show up on Saturday and leave Sunday.



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