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Awkward feelings table test

November 24 2011 at 4:52 AM
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Awkward feelings table test

  Have heard a psychological test question: cat, rabbit, cow, Leopard and the Fox according to personal preference first order, the five animals representing: his wife, children, parents, money and love, which seems to be the spot to the ladies prepare, so that they use to test true feelings.
  Varied their answer, the ladies also has worked with have a causal relationship quiz results. I met the most embarrassing scene is at a friend's Party, just know the title of the hostess and can't wait to post questions, entirely without the knowledge master open is the first sentence: I hate cats. Mistress's face black down at once, the men who didn't realize, and went on to play seriously: first like Leopard, the second like the Fox, Fox tail more beautiful?? We all sympathize with the view looking at him, the Party finally broke up, end up in a hurry, I can't imagine after you finish at the men who had been treated. It let me point: never publicly test even the most confident woman, because the result often will surprise you by surprise.
  Finally I also avoid customs, went back to his playing once, he answered the same discouraged me: first, the Leopard, and finally the cats, although Fox is the penultimate but also better than me (the strange thing is that the answer turned out to be quite a lot of men). My question, shameful rage resolutely refused to accept the test results, think this is pure nonsense, he refused any psychological game.
  Probably every woman has a similar experience, being in love when they use various methods to test the boys, and then the boys will seem to be particularly strong, patience is also particularly well, test scores are often satisfactory. Reliability of feelings by husband after marriage remains focus of attention of a woman, had the opportunity to still test, but my husband treated as distinct, as if into the safe, even if the result is poor to not fail "class". Woman spirit of Ah Q is especially apparent at this time, no husband application will time and again to provide make-up opportunity. Defeated but despite repeated wars the award-winning husband will often test, even for routine questioning is also impatient. After a few years of marriage if his wife is also often asked my husband if I love him, not only is not the answer she wanted, her husband also suspected his wife of intelligence is there a problem with, not to do the housework, just beyond was forgotten in thinking.
  Actually think about it is also superfluous, as experienced teachers, often don't need can also distinguish between student achievement from the job and classroom response. For people who live together, each other every day, in fact, answer sheets, when crossing the hand, buy medicine when sick, pour water when thirsty, more subtle little things the more can see his sincerity, inadvertently reveal true feelings tend to be the most, so I prefer to believe my eyes.
  Think about it, then it's not completely unreasonable, because he doesn't like cats (also afraid of dogs), in fact, I do not like cats.


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