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Small children will also have heart disease?

November 24 2011 at 4:54 AM
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Small children will also have heart disease?

  Talking about mental health, more than most people think of teenage age level, difficult to reconcile with young children below three years together. However, in recent years an increasing number of studies have shown that, below the age of three young children and adults have their children from physical and psychological pressure, what is different is, these young persons do not have the ability to manage and mitigate these psychological pressure.

  Children's psychological pressure coming from adults

  Experts say that young children below the age of three psychological pressure is often encountered by parents in taking care of children in the process of not using the right method. Children in this age group tend to be caused by many seemingly small things psychologically disturbed, such as when eating from blame by adults, force, or when you don't want to have the adult eats, adult activities of interference with the sleep time. Some children will also be some physical harm left a deep psychological trauma.

  Experts say that in this age group is children under three years a rapid period of growth and learning to talk. During this period, parents said disciplinary gives curse is easy to leave young heart trauma, while most adults do not out of malice. Many studies showed that children want to things in this age group was more complicated than ordinary imagination, and, according to the environment is changing every day.

  Basic point of patience and care for the child to adapt to the environment

  In order to make the mental development of young children have a healthy environment, parents need to be patient, you need to show love, give children a comfortable and safe. At the same time, to allow children freedom to explore the surrounding environment. And to do that in fact it is not difficult, and can find time to speak to children, hug children, such as sing sing, the gap between the children and their distance. Adult emotional instability makes the child feel insecure, and therefore have a restless mood. Unlike adults are children is difficult to control their emotions and behavior. Therefore, they could easily do what adults do not want to see some of the emotions, such as confrontation, xenophobia, degenerate, reduced tolerance, crying easily, and so on. In addition, the children of this age also does not easily adapt to environmental changes that have taken place around.

  Ought parents to give children greater attention

  When it comes to children when mood swings occur, what should parents do? First observation of the children's surroundings if there have been some changes recently, reminding myself when dealing with the children, whether said some heated words, corporal punishment or ever had children, and so on. Then, should be genuinely display their love to the children, let the children really feel your tenderness and love.

  Experts say that adult inadvertently left child psychological trauma if not heal in time, it may be remnants of life. Study results show that college students and friends of the opposite sex to a large extent under the influence of habit of getting along with parents when young. Those in less as a child by parents concerned about their children, grew up in love easily when there is insecurity, is often suspected each other like others and not yourself.

  Learn to praise rather than criticism at every turn your child. Parents must clearly recognize that because of the smaller children, so many adults in the eyes of the fault is often the results of the child can do, were not interested into it. Therefore, do not criticised it because they did something wrong, cause unnecessary burden to the child.


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