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Have experience of women heart insight man

November 24 2011 at 4:54 AM
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Have experience of women heart insight man

  Men fall in love with eyes, a woman fall in love.
  Men's eyes by radiation, and the woman's heart by conduction.
  Man seeking woman, is the rapid attack, but often results in the storm, woman seeking man, slowly permeable, they drop hollows.
  Man tests women approach was away, woman test man of the way appointments are later.
  Men like releasing bait fishing for love, women like spared watch love.
  Men in love and become kelianbaba, a woman in love and become nerve and end up.
  Woman longing for each other during the love naked soul, man fell in love during the longing for each other's naked bodies.
  Woman's beautiful face, is to make a man prostrate "magic potion", man's sweet talk, is to make the woman into the embrace of the "killer-la". Men love wants to get your complex processes simple, woman love like to figure out simple things complex.
  Man mercilessly as a one-time Favor, The beverage, after meeting the desire to throw without stingy, woman fondly as nurturing adults Favor, The milk taste his memories for a lifetime.
  Men choose women, looking at faces, women are choosing to men, minds on the wallet.
  Men love because it has nothing to do, a woman in love because of curiosity, the result is a man trouble woman disappointed.
  Men want fewer girlfriend experience, the better, women still want boyfriend experience, the more the better.
  First love lovers man wants to do a woman, women, who want to become a man's last lover.
  Men like aging old wine over time more and more precious, but women as fresh milk, keeping period is short. Older men more lovely woman Pearl yellow no style.
  Too beautiful woman make a man lose their desires, and too rich men make women insecure.
  Woman loses love would feel very empty, men get the love felt very tired.
  Woman with patience makeup to hide their faces, men pretend to deep to hide their contents.
  Youth flag a value of a woman, while men Youth represent a superficial.
  Man kissing a woman is a recovery of loans, woman kissing man is out of the investment.
  Woman's gentle was a trap, man's deep is a room available.
  Men like to boast about his courageous pursuit, women like to boast about her reason rejected.


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