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Men and women behave differently is different from that

November 24 2011 at 4:59 AM
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Men and women behave differently is different from that

  Russia press reports, not only for men and women differ significantly on the character, way of thinking, and varies in many specific acts, such as in the following 12 areas, there are differences.

  Clothing women valued clothing, while men are much less. Women are wearing different clothes when doing different things, like go shopping, walking the dog, the garbage is changing clothes, reading, cooking, while men wear different attire except at weddings and a funeral outside, other times it is much more casual.

  Shop women shop seems to be a nature before they went to the store, will take into account the very thorough, lists a list of purchase, and carefully selected, willing to go home only after buying everything. While men were considered less, only when you have nothing in the fridge will think to go shopping.

  Shoes women used to wear different shoes on different occasions, will be replaced in a timely manner, the trouble. On her way to work women will put on your walking shoes, and the one in the Office will be put on a nice pair of shoes, the desk female stole his shoe off, and let your feet relax relax, who prefer to have foot suffer a day? While men are typically are not in one day-for shoes.

  Women of indecent behavior significantly less than men. Smoking cigarettes when trapped between the fingers, not held in the mouth. On the path, walk no toes, heels walk for men. Woman is covered her ears with your finger, while men are with the Palm. Per cent lighter, woman is placed in your hands, while men are throwing in the past. Women never scratch head, because it would destroy her hairstyle, while men are often touched it.

  Mirror mirror a woman much more opportunities than men, not only at home mirrors, and in any place where one can pick up objects to observe its own image. While men look in the mirror is certainly in order to check their appearance problems.

  Opportunities for woman on the phone call is not less than the men they call often is to think of it as a chat tool. Just came back from a friend's House, also will call again and, and may then talk for an hour. Men understand that telephone is a communication tool, called is using it to convey information.

  Driving woman out slow but steady driving is generally lower than men, a man much faster. When you lost, women would soon stop to ask for directions, returns the way as soon as possible, while the man is not, think it is women's weaknesses. He will still be around, for hours on the road a blind transfer, ran at the unnecessary long way one has travelled, also be self-comforting says: look, and got to know a new way, really good.

  Before going out in front of the preparatory work, more women than men, men are simple and more thought go to the toilet. A woman is much more complicated, first wash your face, makeup, carefully combed hair and put on nice clothes and shoes, handbags are not known to the outsiders on supplies.

  Toilet man using the toilet much less time than women. Let 6 things of a man in the bathroom, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, SOAP and towels, use frequency is not high. And woman there on countless items, men usually don't understand these things to do. Women would get in a long time not out, while the men tend to be a moment came out.

  Children learn more fine women on children, they will learn about all children, knows what time does the child see dentist, when they have important soccer match, the last time they love history, they have few good friends, love to eat what vegetables, worried about what happened, what's the ideal. While men concept to his children is rather vague, help also is General.

  Pets women loved pets, especially likes cats. Man's statement, he also likes cats, but as long as the woman is not at home, he'll try to make this small animals from their away. But the woman is afraid of spiders, animals and rats of software, they do not like caterpillars. Whereas these animal men greeted one.

  Planting flowers most of the women and men like gardening, but women often think of water the flowers. When a woman before going out for a long time will tell men pay attention to water the flowers, men agreed, however, when a woman came home and saw flowers died.


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