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What the mistress won the heart

November 24 2011 at 5:02 AM
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What the mistress won the heart

  Yes, you can ask all over the world for all men, they would (incognito) honestly answer you (if you are not a woman), Yes, every man needs a mistress. This nothing to do with moral, ethical, and man does not say the truth about, so you don't worry call me (if you are female), don't be too quick to clap your hands (if you are male), I do not shy away from this question is open.
  Picasso but affectionate woman, outside of Tang bohu in autumn, but also other mistresses. Successful man love woman, woman who makes her husband no achievements? I happen to know a few enthusiastic woman friend, I asked them what Mistress what's good? Combination of their claims, found the mistress has a few features to attract men:
  1. the mistress is not troublesome. Man busy after work, was afraid of returning home and live with my wife's bother. Bored Mistress is not without, but my friend says, Oh, it won't be called mistresses, called the little wife.
  --It is strange that woman work out when I got home, but like her husband asks questions. They do not need a not bother their husbands? And if her husband be quiet, woman says, saying, what have you done bad things.
  2. mistress makes a man always has the feeling of love, such as the mistress is not as his wife, and his face close to the fresh-keeping film (said to her, that is the beauty mask), who wears her University time to sportswear, sitting around bored in men TV series. Mistress had posted before the man came back out and fresh-keeping film, cucumber, and you want to name fruits, wearing transparent underwear men most like, sexy DVD rental waiting for men to come back together.
  --It is strange that the men came home first shave, good bath and put on neat pajamas, watching the people love Iijima 18 tips, kindly wife together, wives frown saying, why did you dead of shaving! Watching a film, go, help to wash clothes.
  3. only one man in the eyes of Mistress (I agree, perhaps pretending, but at least pretend to), all men's views. Man, it looks like it will rain tomorrow. Whether it is only reported on TV tomorrow cloudless, rain probability zero, mistress yinghe said, well, some cool rain.
  --Very strange, his wife and only a man, but things like this only men, but have distinct ways. For example, when her husband at first excited, she would say, bad, did you exercise book signing for my son?
  4. Although this is a small, but absolutely essential. Mistress would not say, that you do the dishes. Will not, tomorrow to work my way to pay their electricity. Does not speak, throw you got socks on the sofa. Mistress will not say anything, would only say, hungry hungry?
  --Oddly, my wife always complain they do cattle and horses at home, is better than the maid, but general requirement, or at least look forward to her husband to do the family should take the initiative, bear the burden of responsibility, is absolutely not allowed to shout hard work.
  5. when Mistress get the men gave her money, would give incense and kiss and the expressions of gratitude; wife, she will say, well, how little the 500 block of? You hit ambush again right?
  --More surprisingly, wife to a man's wallet unusual sensations, she makes men suspect a woman demands on management, is the first husband after purse, or wallet after her husband?
  Simply list the five points above, I think is sufficient. I understand it, when men say frankly speaking words, end is usually very miserable, I am still selfless help man speaks the truth. Of course, you (if you happen to be women) will first nostril deign said, neuropathy, there's where this mistress? Men on the fantasy. Next, think again, all in a while will not come, go back and scold me again, this shameless male chauvinist pig, dead pigs, you nasty pigs.
  Hey, look at the positive side, why do women always want to be my wife didn't want to be a mistress? Even after marriage, and why it is important to my wife's attitude towards her husband, instead of the mistress of attitude?
  No matter what you call me, I still have to say, man needs a mistress.


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