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Little tricks through his scheme

November 24 2011 at 5:03 AM
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Little tricks through his scheme

  You half of the outstanding good image and personality is a successful man? You are always out of fear that he is young and beautiful and fashion do MM siege? Do you think that's what he told you? Do you think he's trying to hide something? In addition to the guesswork, checked his cell phone calling records, in fact, there's a more effective way: read his body language. When when a man tried to suppress some mind, hand and brain, feet and even body temperature will inadvertently reveal their secrets of the heart. Now, let us take a look at how to break a man's mind, as well as how to deal with.

   He has to say

   Movements features: his upper body leaning forward, shoulders fall down, eyes floating over your head. Behind the words: the key to a lot of people decided to confide the truth at all times, will be tempted to make the body language. This position represents his mind in a supple, subject to State, and secretly hopes to gain your understanding. However, you do not have immediate verdict – he's prepared to speak may not be you most worried about the pile of things. Maybe he just needs your help. Address: may wish to play down the tone, "you seem to have something like that with me" issues such as the opening statement, and then shut up, leave some time for him to consider the wording, and patiently waiting for his response. Don't like open body jets kept asking but "reprove or satirize SB. to his face" he talks a chance.

   If he's trying to say is not what I'm sorry your a good conscience, certainly not in my heart is too long. If his words get in the way the number of more frequent, to the mouth and went back, represents the truth most likely provoked you very unhappy--in this case, you'd better be prepared, otherwise once be thrown into confusion, and will not be able to calmly think about ways of dealing with.

   He is disturbed

   Movements features: his hand on hips below, that is, he is sitting on their hands. Behind the words: when people express yourself when you feel at ease, without reservation, hands usually unwittingly fly dance, pad in hand below the hips, sitting on a hand, on behalf of this person is trying to control their own, so as to avoid talk-say what not to say.

   But this control is not necessarily hide shameful scandal, but fear that they say will ruin the entire situation or climate--in fact, many people ever since childhood have such a habit. This also means that, this person is worried about their words and deeds will lead to the displeasure of the next. His hands clenched, placed on the thighs or the desktop, or put your hands in your pockets, what it means. Address: praise he was a caring husband, and so on. You can also use easy, intimate body language ease his unease-your arms stretched behind your back, put on a look of contentment, or from behind his encircling him. Once he felt peace of quiet, he would relax, insecurity will gradually fade away.

   He was angry

   Movement features: he clench one's fists, eyes wobble jaw tightened. Behind the words: as the emotion of anger, resentment, is not easy to be hidden, so he is bound to reduce the chance of contact with your eyes. Unconscious, he was afraid that once you open his eyes, restless heart will be seen through you. Unconsciously clenched double boxing is also a symbol of anger. Finally, look at his lower jaw and cheek bones are tightly stretched together. If he lived SIP lips, cheeks and jaw muscles on both sides keep twitch contraction, deep inside he really has is anger at raging. Response: removed with serious violence, a most men would rather remain silent, unwilling to face conflicts with the woman. Want to know why he was angry, may wish to open his eyes. If you look after meeting with him, he just gave you immediately divert fuse of 80% is that you get mad at him. At this point, you'd better talk to him directly: "can see you are not happy, did go wrong? "This means that you are willing to work together to solve trouble with him. If he is angry because of something else, might as well let him know that you can fill objects that tell them how, and then slowly to appease him.

   He very much pressure

   Movements features: his fingers stroked or comb my hair.

   Behind the phrase: play with hair is a symbol of understanding. Fiddling with buttons on a coat, folded napkin fold, also has the same meaning. He may also continue to change posture, shaking legs, finger head beat desktops back and forth like a piano.

   Response: you can help him is to keep his attention to stop he continues to get into a blind alley. Otherwise, the greater the pressure is more like a snowball rolling. Avoid constantly mock inquisitors grill him exactly what happened. You can be distracted him back to reality, invited him to a walk in the Park, movie, relying on other activities of interest to him. He once troubles pull away from the emotions out, it is very likely to cause pressure tell you. Most of the time, he may not have a thorough understanding of one's troubles come from.

   His heart was without you

   Movements features: his eyes to the left and right side, he switched the physical drive, not coming right at you. Behind the phrase: his pair of eyes everywhere, listless sitting (or standing), he switched the physical drive, reluctant coming right at you, is likely to say he no longer cares about you. If he is leaning back his head, the hands free to extend into the arm or behind the Chair outside, too. Plus he's always too much for your question "is" or "no" response, also does not actively looking for a Word with you, let you go it alone than anyone since said, proved that his heart is flying away. Response: you've got to stay calm! You might as well shut up, such as thirty or forty seconds, depends on whether he will realize that two room of silence and active to talk. If invalid, often says he really has nothing to say to you the serious stage. However, the body language alone judgement is not a hundred percent fair, you should also review whether couples or lovers there are other "fever" characterization, his sexual interest for you, for instance, a substantial reduction in, and then we'll decide next-step of the way.

   He is lying

   Movements feature: he covered his mouth with his hand or scratch scratch your nose and ears. Behind the phrase: if he suddenly without any cause scratched himself from the ear, nose, or cover your mouth with your hand, you should watch it! Lie because blood will rush to the face, causing nose, ear and other parts started itching due to temperature rise slightly, let people are unconsciously caught up in the context of. Lying signs include suddenly raised or lowered in pitch, repeatedly using the same words and phrases, blink frequency doubling (most people blink eye approximately 8~12 times per minute). Response: he may just to push a hero, don't let yourself lose face and said some insignificant lies. If he be on cheeks and reddish, things are not simple. At this point, you don't like prisoners asking questions. Directly may wish to use a natural attitude that "get to the point no harm". If he still refuses to real, then you'll have to play a female detective, efforts to search for clues to any suspicious, look at what his sleeve sells drugs.


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