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Psychological and sexual relationship

December 5 2011 at 3:08 AM
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Psychological and sexual relationship

Sex is a harmonious relationship between husband and wife have a great impact, good or bad, if a party of men and women have sexual problems, it is very disturbing, especially the doctors said was inhibited sexual desire or frigidity, unknown words which do not White. With the development of research in psychological medicine, people come to realize, in all sex-related issues, about 3 / 4 is nothing to do with sexual dysfunction, but because of anxiety, tension, restlessness or boredom caused by such . How to make a marriage to maintain normal sexual desire? What is "normal" sexual desire? This problem does not have a standard answer, each question must be resolved according to their situation. However, loss of libido is not terminally ill, destination specialists help to solve the general problem of the couples, 80 percent have been improved. So, feel sexual desire is not normal sex couples should be bold to find the specialist advice, following these tips may help you find some answers.

During the wedding of premature ejaculation, impotence, and most of the couple's sexual skills for harmony, in general, the two sides to reach sexual harmony, must be more than six months. Mental pressure can affect sexual desire working pressure is reduced leading to a major interest in sex. Men usually sex as a pleasure, a method for relaxation, but in the case of mental and physical exhaustion, men will lose their sexual interest, then the most important thing is to sleep. Most women believe that sex is a need to engage in the most energetic activities when the long-term fatigue and depression can make women lose interest in intercourse. Because many couples have a mountain of annoying things to do, put sex aside, they work too hard, too busy, resulting in no need to arrange to arrange sexual activity. Most people often have a misconception that sex is naturally occurring, do not have to pre-arrangement, so they would not love Teng's time. In fact, the couple must arrange their activities so that they might have found that they had sex.

The time difference between men and women affect sexual desire of many men prefer sex in the morning, because then they get enough sleep, and feel more energetic, many women are not like, because the morning is the care of children and housework busiest time. This difference is often the source of women's sex, but such problems can be resolved through the arrangement. Couple to the timing of intercourse in the back of a dispute, there is another time-related problems with the initiative requesting party more often than the other early emotion of sex is also more interested. If every man take the initiative, the woman may never be enough time to mobilize their own sexuality, and thus may also affect the man's sex drive. Therefore, both husband and wife should strive to make time to meet the emotional excitement of the same, which can be provided through a rough time to unify sex, and sex in the morning and before going to bed for some change, change through time, to improve the sexual desire of both sides.

The impact of sexual desire during sex with the female sex is one important reason may be the man rude and lack of sex appeal. If the man selfish pleasure, regardless of whether his wife was to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm, the action too much, too short, not a prelude to the show after not make the woman afraid of sex, or feel the loss of sexual pleasure interest. Similarly, if the woman is just mind their obligations to deal with sexual life, with no trace of the action, and even love to ask "not finished" kind of thing, the man will gradually lose interest in sex. So, the couple asked to be a regular exchange of sexual experience, according to the preferences of both sides to be adjusted in order to maintain the couple are interested in sex. Factors also influence sexual marital relations, the presence of children, men and women dress and other habits, no matter what happens, as long as the husband and wife mutual understanding, mutual cooperation, to improve the state of mind, there will be normal sexual desire, joy wife husband music.


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