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Finger length ratio and sexual orientation

December 5 2011 at 3:15 AM
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Finger length ratio and sexual orientation

Animal experiments showed that male steroid hormone effects on the fetus will affect the fetus grown up sexuality. We studied the effects of male hormones by the human finger length patterns (1), the results show that lesbians in the fetus than heterosexual women to reach more of the male hormone; the same time, a number of his brother's men will be in the fetal period touch than the eldest son of the male more male hormones, they are more likely than the latter grow up to be gay (2). In the fetal period, the level of male hormones affect male fetuses and female fetuses grow up to sexual orientation, the mother's body would be born before the son of a "memory", will affect the future health of the son of embryonic development, increase the baby the possibility of a homosexual adult.

Women's index and ring fingers nearly as long, although the length of two fingers have small differences. Men's index finger is often shorter than the ring finger. 2 years old, female index finger / ring finger ratio than men has been established (1). Because the fetus outside the body in addition to gonadal sex differences in male fetuses from the masculine male hormones (3), index finger / ring finger ratio differences between the sexes is likely to be male hormones on the male fetus to reflect the impact of (4).

We play in the streets of San Francisco meeting of the 720 adults anonymous survey asking those under investigation by gender, age, sexual orientation, whether left-handed, with the mother than their older brothers and sisters of the number and gender. Our survey results as expected, men's fingers significantly longer than women (P
Index finger / ring finger length ratio of the gender differences in the right than the left hand significantly, indicating that the right index finger / ring finger on his left hand than the effects of prenatal androgens are more sensitive. The right index finger lesbian / ring finger length ratio is more masculine than heterosexual women (ie index finger / ring finger length ratio of the smaller ratio), while heterosexual men, and no significant differences. Finger length ratio and the cochlea sound waves (5), showing that at least part of the embryonic development in lesbian than in heterosexual women higher levels of fetal exposure to male hormones.

Gay men index finger / ring finger length ratio in the left and right hands are heterosexual men with no significant difference (P> 0.09). However, according to the tests showed that men ranked group of gay male hormone formation, brother more, boys more likely to become homosexual (2). Our survey supports the conclusions of these reports, our sample only gay male group the proportion of older male siblings (229 brothers, 163 sisters) is higher than the general population (106 brothers, 100 sisters (6) .)

We can say that the male index finger / ring finger length ratio is not affected by social factors influence the General Assembly, but we found it by the number of his brother. Index finger / ring finger length ratio in a ratio of two or more than the eldest brother of the men to be more masculine (the value of smaller, translator's note). In men, the right index finger / ring finger length ratio and the ratio of the number of his brother a significant correlation (r =- 0.104; p
Our results show that the case before birth (or even before pregnancy, for example, the case of multiple elder brother) will impact on human sexuality. Masculine lesbian in the right hand index finger / ring finger length ratio may indicate that their child androgen slightly higher than heterosexual women. No brother of the index finger gay men / ring finger length ratio with the eldest son of heterosexual men was not significantly different, indicating that there are factors other than fetal androgen effects on sexual orientation (such as genetic factors (8,9)). Finger measurement results show that more than one brother of the man, including part of a gay man may be exposed before birth than normal levels of male hormones.

Although gay men over male hormone may be one that some of their cultural identity some odds (10), but does show some gay men over a man's features, such as in their lifetime the average number of sexual partners than heterosexual men, heterosexual men this indicator is higher than homosexual or heterosexual women. Moreover, it has been reported that compared with heterosexual men, homosexual men have higher blood levels of male hormones (11,12), larger genitalia (13, more "masculine" the potential of auditory stimuli (14), These reports support the gay men at least in part by the super-male hormones.

Although the mother of his son's ranking of different growth of the fingers may occur after birth, but this impact likely to occur more during pregnancy because the mother's physiological abnormalities closely linked in this period. Mother of the last son of the "memory" in the end what parts of the embryo after the son conceived during the development of the mechanism of change is unclear.


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