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Why would anyone be "Fetish"

December 5 2011 at 3:17 AM
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Why would anyone be "Fetish"

When studying at the university, school girls are also incidental underwear, underwear, bra theft event. Although we are medical students, but young men and women we are still a matter between the smattering of (Asia School of Medicine is not to offer the vast majority of sexual medicine courses). I then such "abnormal" things just feel funny, and understand, this phenomenon is not too much to know and understand.

Why would anyone would be interested in what the opposite sex's clothing? Its essence is to be repressed sexual desires distorted "Xuanxie." A "fetish" tendencies found within most, people who lack self-confidence. Driven by instinct, they have, and the opposite sex, a strong desire to close. In their eyes, all sex is good, but its character is not perfect also makes them fear, fear of the opposite sex denial, ridicule, they tend to have the courage and women of normal relations, or at the first attempt and women When normal communication has been rejected, so much self-confidence hit. No longer normal heterosexual contact and could not get the confidence and courage, which makes their sexual desires by varying degrees of depression. We already know, sexual arousal, sexual desire is a kind of energy, when it accumulated to a certain extent it is needed a way to release. In order to meet their own and the opposite sex, close to the strong desire to lose self-confidence they can only "took the second," to steal, "possession" of the opposite sex personal objects to "meet" and the desire of heterosexual intimacy.

"Fetish" how to say it can not be said to be healthy. Although they rarely cause any great harm to society, the vast majority of them women and normal relations in the future, after marriage you can easily correct this "wrong." But their own, this is very detrimental to their future life and work. The greatest hazard is to let them have lost the courage to face setbacks in life, afraid to face life's difficulties and challenges, used to difficulties on the back of the "ostrich policy." This kind of thinking is difficult in the intense social competition in a firm foothold.

Male to female love, desire and their interaction is only natural with the natural thing. Women refuse to face that she just is not your time to try the other half, or immature, there is nothing embarrassing, you should never give up completely, ah, this is actually not what failed! Not have a TV series "Article marry once" it? Hero of the story, but the outcome is very satisfactory, ah! As long as you are dedicated to the pursuit of happiness far away from you. There is no need to retreat, to stand up to it!


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