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March 3 2010 at 5:48 AM

  (Login PhilBarnes)
Forum Owner

Friends, this is a rotten, evil world we live in! That is not the way God intended it to be, but because the MAJORITY hate God's LAWS, and are unwilling to submit to His Way, then that's what we have! A Rotten, Evil World!

People living THEIR WAY, in total opposition to God's Way!

God told us that we would REAP what we SOW! And, THAT we have done!

Do you CLAIM to love The True God? Are you submitting to His Rule in your lives?

Are you respecting and KEEPING His Ten commandments?

There are millions of sincere individuals who THINK they are Christians, and who THINK they are doing God's Will... while all along, they have been lied to and convinced that God doesn't CARE 'HOW' He is worshiped... just as long as He is.. They have been fed the LIE that THEY can decide When, and How they WORSHIP GOD! They have been DECEIVED to think that God's Seventh Day Sabbath has been done away and that God now accepts 'sun-day' as the right and proper day of worship.

For the most part, they attempt to worship the True God with the same old pagan worship ways- (The Way of The Heathen)... that God COMMANDED HIS PEOPLE NOT TO LEARN, OR USE in worship toward Him!

Sincerely seeking to worship Him, 'their way'.. and totally missing the boat!

Their worship is "in vain"- Totally useless worship that is not received, or accepted by the God they intend to worship!

WHY? Because they aren't teaching what God Taught... they are teaching the 'doctrines and commandments OF MEN!

Mar 7:7 Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

This makes all their effort, and all their worship 'in vain' and USELESS!!!!!

Unless they are willing to forsake those false worship ways, they will forever be cut off from contact with the true God!

The world HATES this message! They hate it and those who would share it! But, IF YOU really do 'love God', then it's time to FOCUS!!!!

Do you CLAIM to LOVE GOD? Do you CLAIM to be a Christian? Are you really 'following Christ', or are you following men? Are you willing to REPENT of your VAIN WORSHIP and seek the true God 'in spirit and in Truth'??

I hope and pray that YOU will take a long look at what you believe and ask yourself, WHY DO I BELIEVE ALL THAT STUFF?? Where did my religious beliefs come from?? Are they REALLY IN THE BIBLE?? Or, Have I just accepted what the preacher says, instead of what God SAYS??

May God have mercy on you as you seek Him. May He grant you the ability to FOCUS on the Truth and reject the lies!

Phil Barnes
...Invites Your Christian Comments,

This message has been edited by PhilBarnes on Mar 10, 2010 4:44 AM


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