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Tombstone VS Bullyson Jr

May 6 2006 at 10:25 AM
ADMIN357  (no login)


Mayfield using a red dog he calls Tombstone. Bobby Hall is using a son Bullyson, he calls Bullyson Jr. Dark brindle or black. The red dog gets a front leg and the black gets in stifle but ends up in a front leg hold. By the 10 minute mark the dogs have established a pattern, front legs and ear holds. The black tries for the stifle at 12 min. Black work for the throat but the red holds him out with ear hold. Red is in the throat at 15 min. Red has a bloody front leg. Black gets a hind foot at 20. Red has skin hold in neck. Black gets a front leg and shakes. Red stays in the throat. Mouth fighting att 22. Black gets in the troat at 25. Red goes down down, black on top. Red gets on his feet but the black slams him down again in a corner and bores into the throat. Red has a cheek hold.

Dogs are on their feet at 30 but the goes down more often. Red gets a foot and the black has an ear. Black is out of hold cathching breath at 31.

Red has a front foot hold. 100 to 80 being offered. Dogs trade stifle holds at 32. 34 and each has a hind foot. 36 black is down and breathing hard.

Red is working an ear. Red is down and the black has a front leg at 39. 40 red is down, black in the throat. Red comes up in a flurry of action, then goes down with the black shaking a leg. Red is being called “Toot”.

50 and dogs stil trading holds. 55 black is working a stifle.

Red is on his back but has a front leg. Black changes and comes back to the ear. From ear to nose. Dogs trade stifle holds at the hour mark. Red is down, stretched out. Black has a nose hold. 1:18 out of hold count started. Pickup, the red to go. Whent over hard to make a good schratch.

At 1:25 min, Bobby picks his dog up and calls it quits, to save his dog. The crowd cheered and Mayfield´s Tombstone the winner in one hour and 25 minutes.

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