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J.M super duty kit

August 21 2007 at 8:38 AM

anonymous  (Premier Login airgunbuff)

Installed this kit a while ago and have perhaps 2 tins of pellets thru it. If you have been shooting 124s for a while you know thwy can be twangy and the triggrs need work. My trigger is much better but still not perfect...but Its good enough for now.
The super duty kit is the cats meow.....when disassembling if you don't know what your doing you will need a spring compressor, but upon reassembly you need no compressor. what this kit does for the 124 is nothing short of amazing...(no sucking up) but the kit just transforms the gun in a manner which really excites me.......I am very happy and this kit is worth the few bucks more over the mongoose kit.....talk about a value. Kind regards to one and all. Ron

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