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Beautiful job on the R9 barrel

October 4 2007 at 7:30 PM
Dan D  (Login mightyd)
SpringGunning Customers

Hello Mr. Watts,
I received my chopped, choked, and crowned R9 barrel on Wednesday. I could immediately see that it was very professionally done. The crown looked worlds better than the factory crown. I pulled a patch through it and was pleased to discover that there was no debris or residue left over from the machine work you did. The trimmed barrel measured 12". The OAL of the gun is now a hair over 39" including an Apex brake with a little airspace at the muzzle.
I got to shoot it at outdoor distances today, and all I can say is "wow!" A few folks had advised me (including you) not to mess with a perfectly good barrel, but I wanted it shorter and dared to dream that it might even be more accurate after you touched it. Well, my dreams came true.
My first 5 shot group at 20 yards, just to see if it still liked CPLs, was a nice 3/8" c-t-c with 4 shots in 1/4". My shooting buddy then promptly dragged the target stand out to 40 yards where I placed 5 more consecutive shots within 1/2" (prior to your work, my best group was 7/8" at 41 yards.) I then spent some time fiddling around and zeroing the scope. It was getting dark, but I was jazzed so I did something I've never ventured to do with a springer- I dragged the target out a full 50 yards and tried 5 FTS for the heck of it. They all landed within 1 1/4" and I guarantee a better shooter would have done better.
Dang, that's a good barrel.
Thank you for the excellent work,
Dan (in NY)

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Paul Watts
(Premier Login SpringGunner)


October 6 2007, 12:08 AM 

Most come out nice. Every now and then you get a Turkey so it's hard to say without seeing them first. The RWS barrels were heavily leaded. You might want to keep a eye on them.

Again, Many Thanks,


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Dan D
(Login mightyd)
SpringGunning Customers

Chronied it today

October 6 2007, 11:37 AM 

Before the chop, the gun was shooting CPLs at 880fps with a JM Econokit and factory seal. With the 4" shorter barrel, it is still shooting a healthy 860fps. 20fps means nothing compared to the increase in accuracy and woods-ability. I am a very, very, happy airgunner. After I save up a few more bucks I'm considering one of JMs Spezial kits to mellow the gun out a little more and make it a little less jumpy. Either way, it's the most accurate airgun I've ever owned.
Dan (in NY)

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