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The old debate: R1 vs R9

May 4 2014 at 6:38 AM
Sarel  (Login SarelS)

Mr Watts

From browsing several sources, it seems that the actual velocities attained by factory spec R1 and R9's are very close, irrespective of calibre.

Could I ask, If you compare a Watts ADV tuned R1 to a Watts ADV tune R9, is the pure balistic (energy)performance not very close?

Regards, Sarel

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Paul Watts
(Premier Login SpringGunner)

Re: The old debate: R1 vs R9

May 4 2014, 3:36 PM 

In factory trim there isn't much difference between the two. It's just that the R9/HW95 does it with about half the recoil and third less cocking effort. The R1 will always be a favorite with the crowd that wants that extra 25-50fps, but I've more or less fell out of love with it due mostly to customer expectations. Most that have sent R1's to me have been problem rifles that after several home or tuner installed kits the velocity wouldn't come up and they would send it to me hoping I would get 20+ ftlbs with a bad receiver, barrel or both. In the end the R1 tends to attract people that for the most part are never satisfied and always want a little more that what they got. I no longer tune them even though there were a few happy customers along the line. I don't mind R9/HW95's though and prefer them. They have plenty of power while retaining the pleasant shoot-ability factor. To me the extra weight, recoil and cocking effort of the R1 just isn't worth it. JMHO wink.gif


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(Login HW3)

I lust after the R-1 for build quality only...!

May 5 2014, 8:11 AM 

There are just SOOOOooooo many guys out there that get taken in by that 20-22 fpe. Super Magnum springer fantasy. Seriously they can spend years and some sizable cash flow chasing that Rambo fantasy pulling their hair out by the fistful. ;^)

Along the way you usually discover a whole passel of very sweet 6.5/7.5 lb. 12 fpe. springers that still manage to get the job done somehow ? The one consistent gripe whether it's an R-1, RWS 350M, RWS Mod.54, RX-2, Beeman Kodiak, Pro Elite etc...adnauseum always comes down to lugging that Howitzer Around the field all day. God forbid you actually have an outstanding day and wring 100/200 rounds through it, then the cocking effort and fatigue really make themselves known ! =^( The bottom line is that it really licks the red off'a dat adult airgun sucker in a big fat hurry !!!

If I absolutely gotta have 20-30 fpe I'll probably just grab a 6.5 lb. PCP and be done with it, but to be perfectly honest I'd still rather shoot the 6.5-7.5 lb. 12 fpe. springer any day. In the end the high powered Super Magnum rifles always manage to fall to the law of diminishing returns.

I'd stick with the R9. The R1 is a great rifle, but from a purely recreational point of view, she's a lotta work.

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