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October 8 2015 at 4:43 PM
Tim Null  (Login tnull)
SpringGunning Customers

Hi Paul, It has been a while, hope you are well. You did two custom guns for me, a R7 and R9. I sent both to you from the dealer and you did your ultimate tune on both, set back triggers, fluted shroud on the R7, JM stocks on both that you finished and checkered. Love both of them. I am thinking of getting a HW 50S .22. I would send it to you, but I now know you are not going to be doing tunes and custom work like that anymore. I totally understand the reasons, but from a selfish standpoint I am sad....Your work is the best. So do you have any recommendations for a substitute? Anyone you know who does work even half as good as you? I would really appreciate any opinions you might have. Thanks again.

Tim Null

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Paul Watts
(Premier Login SpringGunner)

Re: recommendations...

October 9 2015, 12:01 AM 

I'll have some rifles done in a few months but I still have a sizable backlog I'm working through.

If you need something before then, you know about as much as I do about other peoples work. For the most part I've avoided taking in rifles someone else has worked on and the ones that were sent to me were in my shop because they had problems. Your probably safer with someone that drops in a ARH kit than someone working up their own magic.

Problem is there are guys that say they do when they don't or they leave the original seals in place. The latter isn't much of a issue on a new rifle though and preferable if they guy working on it doesn't know how to fit a higher performance seal to a slightly out of spec tube. It can be a real pain if you don't have a way to correct the tube dimensions.



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