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Cast vs. Rolled plate

May 8 2012 at 3:59 AM
  (Login ronrunningman)
Missing-Lynx members
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Response to German tanks and cast armour

Hi Jukka

Generally the use of castings in WW2 depended on the industrial history of a particular plant (or indeed country). So many US fabricators for inst, had long experience of making large castings whereas the same experience did not exist in Germany. The Germans were however, undoubtedly the world's best fabricators and welders of plate armour in the 1940s. One could say equally that US factories turned to casting from their earlier rivetting in WW2 purely because of their lack of experience with deep-welding armour plate.

So I'm not sure why you're setting up a cast vs.rolled plate argument as if cast armour was/is in some ways superior. Assuming that cast armour trumps rolled by default is just wrong. The cast-hull M4A1s were actively avoided by some US units as they were convinced that they were ballistically inferior to the welded M4s and M4A3s in combat. The all-cast M26 Pershing had equivalent armour thickness to the Tiger I yet was in some respects an inferior machine ballistically, the turret and hull often taking rounds that the Tiger I's would shrug off.

The Germans were definitely far better at producing (particularly interlocked) plate armour than any other combatant, and this served them well throughout, particularly on the Panther/Tiger series. One only has to look at the beautifully trunkated pyramid shape of the Pz.Jg.38 for a seminal illustration of the ability of German interlocked armour designers and fabricators.

Finally, the Israelis hired many ex-German slave labour armour technicians in the 1950s to help them with their newly-setup plate armour welding facility. And what the Israelis don't know about armour performance in combat isn't worth knowing.

And German industry DID use plenty of castings. What about all the myriad of topfblende mantlet variants for inst? Or MG34 K├╝gelblendes? Maybe you need to relook at your sources.


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