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wow, this conversation is just sad

May 17 2012 at 6:15 PM
Jose Reyes  (Login jlreyes18)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Here we go - Dragon

Hi my friends,

what I see here is very sad, I think that maybe Dragon caused such damage to some people that is just impossible for them to justify anything, even a new kit. We was just celebrating a new announcement!!!

What is unfair for me, is to apply some rules to ones, and not to the others, for example

Dragon only offer Stugs, Tigers, Pz III, and Pz IV the last 3 years, what Tasca announced apart from Shermans? : more Shermans, and you know what...maybe the Tasca fans, including me, just wants more Shermans.

Lets see the latest announcements from Dragon: apart from the Pz I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII, we have several paper panzers, several halftracks including SsKfz 7 in 6 different types, SdKfz 10 in 3, waffentragers, Artillery (Flaks, Paks, Howitzers), several special vehicles like Bergepanzer IV, Neubau-Fahrzeung, LWS, Ka-Mi, several T-34, several shermans, 2 priest, and new Opel series, plus a very large quantity of figures.

None of them are perfect, but with few exceptions, I dont see the factories correcting their kits very often, how old is the Tamiya M4 with a wrong front, or with a wrong suspension? in about 40 years, Tamiya corrected their Shermans 3 times, and those lovely kits stilll are far behind the new offers. As far as I know, Trumpeter, HB or Tristar didn't correct any of their kits in faults during production runs, as AFV did it recently with their Chaffe turret. Dragon do correct their molds constantly.

The Büssing NAG is available from another manufacturers, but since AFV announced, then is new, I supposed is as new as the AFVs Valentine, Tiger I in transport, the Nashorn, SdKfz 232, the Tamiya Jagdtiger, Elephant, etc.

The other manufacturers think in the modellers and what dont have in the collection....again is so unfair. Tamiya releases about 1 model a year, at best for the last 20 years. My preferred Tasca is about the same, but with Shermans only. AFV is very active but his pace is slower also, Bronco even less. The other guys like HB, Trumpeter, IBG, ICM, etc, are doing a great job, but sorry, they are not in the same league but a minor. Dragon announces about 2 kits a month (talking of my WWII AFV preference only), that is more than 20 a year, even if one or two announces never shows up.

It is very common to say that Dragon is expensive, yes it is, but is a new Tamiya a real bargain?, what about a new truck (old mold) from Italeri?. The new DML M7 Priest early is $57.95 on Cyberhobby site and you recieve bonuses, The Tamiya Jagdtiger is $57.99??, what about an IBG bike?

I just remember the times when the only way to make a Hanomag conversion was the vacumformed, and I cannot be less happy to have all such an stupendous kits today, I hope the Russian brands bring us as much soft skins as possible, and believe me , I will not blame AFV because they offered a new Tiger I about two months ago.

As per other partners says, this is a hobby, and I think is in a golden age.


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  1. I agree with you, José... - Darío Risso on May 17, 2012, 9:30 PM
  3. +1 - Roman Volchenkov on May 18, 2012, 4:04 AM

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