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Panzer IV Guidance

May 29 2017 at 8:30 AM
Scott Dutton  (Login duttons)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

I'm hoping someone can give me some simple guidance for a project, I generally model Allied armour but this is a foray into the other side. There is so much info out there it is overwhelming to try and decipher.

Its in relation to building a 1/16 Panzer IV.
I have purchased the Trumpeter Pz IV F2 kit and some figures, and wish to make a counterpoint to my 1/16 T-34/76 1941 which I built in a worn white wash finish with some snow still around, so Early spring I guess, year not specified but the crewmen I did id in blue overalls.

The figures I have purchased are SS grenadiers in Kharkov (S&T figures f I recall), and are seated so looking at placing onto Pz IV as tank riders. I chose the Pz IV F2 as I didn't want shurzen to complicate the riders placement

The figures have field grey uniforms with greatcoats so clearly winter type figures.

I'm looking to have my Pz IV in a similar setting time frame as the T-34, and therefore finished in a worn whitewash finish. I wish to do the Pz IV with the double muzzle brake, not the round type.

Queries are related to inconsistencies in time frame and what is presented for the setting specifically;

Is battle of Kharkov appropriate for this setting (T-34/76 41 in late winter early spring) with a Pz IV F2?
Which of the Kharkov battles is most appropriate?
Is the muzzle brake I wish to use appropriate for the time frame I have have for these vehicles?
IS the uniform selection consistent?
Would it be a Grey or Yellow base coat for the time frame?
Any other choice of common battles for these scenarios? Stalingrad, Kursk?
Did Pz IV drivers drive with head out the hatch, was this possible?

Appreciate any suggestions, not after 100% accuracy or trying to build a particular photographic scene just to have these 2 combatants viewed somewhere at the same point in time.


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