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On Closer Inspection.....

June 12 2017 at 7:28 AM
Paul McMahon  (Login Paul_McMahon20)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to There are details missing

Looking at the photo for the first time I was struck by how "processed" it looked and how similar it is to other colourised photos that are around.

It does just not look real to my eyes as to the colour. Indeed it does look very well detailed in particular the debris in the foreground and the tracks but it still does not convince me that it is an actual bona fide historical colour photograph.

I took a closer look at it and found some "markers" that seem to indicate it is a very well done colourised photo.. but with some intentional/ unintentional flaws that point to it being a B&W photo that has been manipulated by Photoshop.

Here is the "original" photo posted at the head of this thread.

[linked image]

If you increase the image size by zooming in you will notice along the lower hull / rear there are several "white" points of interest.

[linked image]

[linked image]

These look like they have not been "painted" - they do not belong with the surrounding pixels in particular the ones at the rear that are "hovering" on the wall. It looks to my eye to be something that was not seen by the author who at this stage may have been suffering from "Pixel Blindness" after having spent too long at the computer screen.The large "blob" of white in the middle of dark shadow - there is no reason for it to exist there as there is no holes in the upper/side skirts to allow "sunlight" to appear there.

On this photo there is a"white" pixel on the left side of the hull front and as Romsits has said the weld join on the hull interlocks and the tabs for the front fender look indistinct compared to the b&w version. There is also a small line of white pixel ( non camouflage colours ) running along the top edge of the drivers front plate.

[linked image]

Comparison to detail visible from the B&W version.

[linked image]

The fender weld details, the armour interlock and the impacts on the right side of the hull are clear to see here.. yet in the colour version they are indistinct.

I believe this to be a very well done colourised photograph. Hats off to the author for the time and dedication he has shown.

Best regards


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