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Analyse is flawed its still game on with this one.

June 12 2017 at 12:52 PM
David Coyne  (Login dcoyne333)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Conclusion

With no disrespect to Paul and others who have taken the time to look closely into this. I have just a couple of counter arguements to pick over.
For a start the two photos are not from the same time frame. They may not even be from the same day.
If you look closely at the tracks on Pauls B/W image you will see that the angle of the sun is different by a matter of hours. The tracks are in quite a bit of shadow on the B/W photo but no shadow at all on the colour photo. The angle of the sun is bound to change the details slightly and the reflection from dust and dirt. On the B/W image the welds have been mentioned as standing out more than on the colour image. That is due to the angle of the sun causing more shadow on the B/W image.

Points of light under the tracks have been mentioned but there are points of light under the track guards in the B/W image just in a different position. There maybe something on the ground next to the tank reflecting light back up such as broken glass or a metal object. Same goes for the white spot on the building.
Sorry but for some reason i can't save and repost any of Pauls images.

The next thing to consider are the kids crawling all over the Tank. Things have been moved inc the turret. Muddy feet have been all over the tank maybe for a whole afternoon. Things on the ground have been moved around. In the photo below you can see the flayed headlight cable is still in place as it is in the colour image. In Pauls B/W image it is missing.
You can also see the white spot is there in the centre of the front plate just like the colour image. So Pauls B/W photo was taken some time later than this one below and the colour image.

Until someone comes up with the exact B/w image that this photo was colourized from then the debate will continue. The other thing we might think about is how difficult it would be to find an unpublished negative of this quality to actually do the colourized work on. I know if i had made it i would sign my name on the bottom to let the whole world know.


photo headlampwire.jpg

This message has been edited by dcoyne333 from IP address on Jun 12, 2017 1:16 PM

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