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Jagdtiger camo

August 31 2000 at 8:35 PM
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from IP address

Im planning on building a 1/35 Jagd Tiger pretty soon and im wondering just what colors were commonly used on the outside of the tank. Any info would be great.

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August 31 2000, 8:43 PM 

Hi Adam,

The JagdTiger at Bovington has an unusual pattern in that it is completly light blue with dark yellow spots. Strange but true and as far as I am aware this was the original colouring when captured in '45. It would make an interesting colour scheme don't you think? Responses awaited.

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cool cammo

September 1 2000, 7:21 AM 

Can anyone provide more details on this odd patterm? It's new to me, and would be a welcome change from ambush patterns.

To everyone. I really enjoy this site and forum.


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Jagdtiger colour

September 1 2000, 7:44 AM 


Jagdtigers recieved a wide range of camo schemes, from plain dark yellow to red primer base with dark yellow and green patches. The Bovington Jagdtiger was overall dark yellow when it was captured, there are several pictures of it at the time.

I think the scheme Stephen mentions originated in the mind of some GI when he was told to repaint the Aberdeen Jagdtiger at some point in the dim and distant past. Tamiya then decided to include this in their painting instructions for the old kit, which Bovvy have evidently used for their JT. It certainly has not appeared in any pictures of wartime Jagdtigers, to my knowledge anyway.

It is kind of annoying to see it painted like that, along with the Stug III and Jagdpanther, in completely bizarre camo schemes, especially when (one hopes) they are taking so much care over the Tiger I. Saying that though, they'll probably paint the Tiger I in a nice ambush scheme.


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September 1 2000, 8:00 AM 

Hi people,
I have a picture of a JT #331 which seems to have this type of cammo pattern. I can't tell whether its a war time picture or just an old picture though. Does anybody have some info on this particular JT? is it the bovington JT?

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September 1 2000, 8:27 AM 


Jagdtiger 331 is the Aberdeen vehicle I referred to above. It was painted in this fictional camouflage scheme sometime after the war. There is a photograph of this vehicle on it's arrival at APG (still on it's railcar) which although in black and white, clearly shows a 3 colour Ambush scheme.



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Bovington JT: dunkelgelb at time of capture

September 1 2000, 10:16 PM 

The vehicle on display in Bovington is a early production Jagdtiger with Porsche-type suspension. It is chassis no. 350004, the fourth JT produced. There are numerous pictures of it being test run at Kummerstorf(sp?) where it eventually ends up breaking off one of its RHS bogie suspension units.

The next series of available shots show it in action. The Schiffer book by Devey explains its eventual location after its abandoned by its crew. There are some pretty well-known shots of this vehicle with two US GIs examining it. Later, shots show it being recovered by a British unit.

Particulars of this vehicle at time of capture are as follows:
overall dunkelgelb
zimmerit applied (including sand shields; no zimmerit on hull MG mount)
RHS bogie unit is still missing
the second sand shield is missing from both sides
"253" in a dark outline circle on front glacis
2 balkenkreuz on rear of fighting compartment, one on each side of fighting compartment
full set of spare tracks on side of vehicle
very little OVM tools, only a crank on the RHS of hull

Good references are:
Tank Magazine 12/93 German Army Vol. 1
Spielberger's "Tiger I and its Variants"
Devey's "Jagdtiger" books, 2 volumes
Achtung Panzer #6 Tigers et al.

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September 2 2000, 1:37 AM 

That certainly is a wierd camoflauge. It was probably used when the tanks were in battle raveged and destroyed cities in Germany during the soviet advance (everything had a dark yellow tint to it).

One of the dark yellow jagd tiger camo skemes is in the art gallery on this web site under "dioramas". Thanks for all the help.

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Paul Hanson
(no login)

JT 331 camo scheme

September 1 2000, 3:24 PM 

Here's a color profile of APG's "331" as it was originally painted:



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Gray Creager
(no login)

it's not correct.

September 1 2000, 5:08 PM 

a recent thread here has exploded the myth about this vehicle's paint job.

current on page 17 of this DG, you'll find a thread starting with the post entitled "Hetzer Scheme" on July 21.

James Blackwell posted on that thread a very interesting photo study.

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Paul Hanson
(no login)

I knew that, too! Duh!

September 2 2000, 8:35 PM 

Thank, Gray. Too much info to keep track of. I've even got that thread run off and in my JT folder. I didn't look before posting.


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