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February 13 2004 at 9:08 PM
  (Login fbscottjr1950)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

This is a conversion for ITALERI M4A3 kits.
I received my kit today from GREATMODELS (www.greatmodels.com).
The kit came with six pages of instructions.
There are eleven grey resin pieces in all with no air bubbles.
The turret is solid cast with a nice casting texture. This turret comes complete. There are no serial numbers present. The manlet has mild weld detail. The 75mm barrel is turned aluminum.
The transmission cover has some casting texture and has been built up a bit. It does have towing clevis.
The additional hull armor comes in three pieces; hull front and both sides of hull as in the TAMIYA M4A3E2 kit. The hull sides do have the weld seam down the middle.
Also with the kit are two six spoked idler wheels with grease plugs and relief valves.
A photo etched set is included and is listed SHERMAN M4A3E8 by IRONSIDE 014.
There is a picture of this kit on Rhodes Williams web site (www.rhodesawilliams.com/euroday1.htm).


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(no login)

Let me know when they get ...

February 14 2004, 3:05 PM 

The M2A4 Lt tank and M1A1 Combat car from ADV/Azimut. Those are the two I'm looking for. But thanks for the tip, although I prefer the Blast Jumbo for about the same price.
- Shawn

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February 14 2004, 5:24 PM 

Hey Shawn,
How's Benning's School fo Boys?

Just to let you know, the Ironside M2A4 is listed as "In Stock" at GM.

Also, the ADV/Azimut M3 "Satan" conversion.

50th Co. OCS alumnus

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(no login)

Benning and other

February 14 2004, 10:54 PM 

Ft Benning is still the same I'm sure. Its definately its own Army here. The OCS types still look silly in helmet liners and scarves, though the wife thought it was cute. And I forget what they are calling the School of the Americas these days.
Does anyone have a pic of the Ironsides M2A4? Or for that matter a comment on it? I'd like the M2A4 and M1A1 to go with my T6. And if they come out soon enough I can add the Academy M3 Mediums to the mix.
Then maybe I can give the old Infantry Museum something to add to the 2nd A.D. section, since they did start out here.
- Shawn
I Serve
God and Country
Honor Guard/Pacific Victors
Lets Go
Down to Earth

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(no login)

Well My M2A4 and M1A1 should be here Tuesday.

February 15 2004, 6:45 PM 

So Any one wanting a quick in box review and some photos let me know. GMWS shipped on thursday so I figure Tuesday to Frday for arrival time?

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(no login)

I'd like your impressions

February 15 2004, 10:49 PM 

Jeff -
I'd really like your take on the two kits. I know nothing of them and I'm going to guess they are more resin than the ADV/Azimut type.
So any help or light you can shed on them would be great. Accuracy, fit and the like.
- Shawn

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(no login)

Will give you a good Idea at least!

February 16 2004, 5:13 AM 

Hi Shawn
I will go over the two kits(Ironside M2A4 and Best Value Models M1A1) with a fine tooth comb and try my best at a worth while in box review as well as checking fit and accuracy. Will also take some digital photos to give you a better Idea. Just have to wait for them to show. I will not be back till Tuesday afternoon. I figure they will be here then anyway. If not I will get it done as soon as they arrive. I am very courious as to how they are as well!

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(no login)

Thanks, look forward to it

February 16 2004, 11:38 PM 

Like I said this will help to decide if I wanna sneak that amount of money past the wife. But I'd really like to do some 2AD stuff now that I'm here at Benning.
Maybe Patton declaring martial law on Phenix City. LOL
- Shawn

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(no login)

In Box review Ironside M2A4 (M1A1 to follow)

February 18 2004, 5:45 PM 

Well here is my first impressions and not all bad! Well the kit is a mix of Academy, AFV Club and Resin parts. The Resin parts consist of a New Lower Hull, New Rear Upper Hull, Turret (Upper), New Idlers and Idler Brackets, The Main Gun, 2 30 Cal Machine Guns, New Mantlet,Air Cleaners, and a Tripod. The Main Part of the kit is the Academy M3 Honey with the individual track links, it also includes the Wonderful AFV Club Suspension.
Now down to brass tacks! This is more of a Conversion Project than a kit build. But all in all it looks pretty straight forward and a simple task? So far the parts fit together well and looks like it will be a fun build. I can't say I was thrilled at the price (almost $70.00) but I do like what I see so far and it should be a nice addition to the collection. Pictures Available upon Request. And of course more as I get into building this one. But as I say so far it is not all bad news.

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(no login)

In Box Review Best Value Models M1A1 Combat Car

February 18 2004, 5:59 PM 

Hi Again Here is the Second Review
Well this one didn't impress me as much as the Ironside kit but it is growing on me as well. While it was cheaper($60.00 vs.$70.00) than the Ironside kit I feel the Ironside kit is more bang for the buck. This kit consists of the Academy M3 Honey kit (Seem Familiar here?) with some resin bits to complete the conversion. Tracks are the Academy Vinyl one piece jobs (but hey the end connectors are where they are supposed to be!)The Resin bits are the Turret(Complete with gun cradles and sighting equipment)Rear Hull replacement deck, Air Cleaners and other small bits. All look to be well cast and usable! It also looks to be a simple conversion and a fun build. I just think it is a bit high priced for what you get? Of course with a Vehicle this obscure and not German we are lucky to have it at all? Oh by the way neither kit comes with any markings at all.
Hope This Helps and as with the M2A4 Photos are available upon request.
Jeff Larkin

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