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It's Christmas....and time for our annual Wish List !

December 12 2011 at 12:33 AM
Wayne Killeen  (Login waynekil)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Hi Guys,

The irritatingly cheerful Wayne here again. Merry Christmas to one and all!!
We haven't had a poll here for a looooong time. And yes, we've been pretty doggone lucky these past couple of years, haven't we?

But it's almost traditional here on the Allied DG. So let's have some fun with it (oh boy!).

Needless to say, I've got a few dream-kits. So I'll start the ball rolling...

1.A new Bren Gun Carrier.

2.A Sexton

3.A short wheel based CCKW to tow our new 105's and 40mm Bofor's!

4.An M5 gun tractor to tow our new 155mm howitzers.

5.An M20 Diamond T combination tank transporter for all our new British and Russian armour.

6.A water-cooled 50cal AA gun.

7.Humber MkIII light reconnaissance car.

I'm sure there's a few that I forgot....

Wayne (already putting up his Christmas lights) Killeen

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Michael Grieve
(Login mikegrieve)
Missing-Lynx members

I've not previously contributed to one of these lists, but I'd like to have a go...

December 12 2011, 1:46 AM 

Nice idea, Wayne - a good start to the festive season!

Being a Matilda obsessive, I'll start with a couple of aftermarket Matilda things I'd reeeally like to see in the coming year:

- the different variations of mantlet (I have actually tried doing these myself, but have failed miserably thus far);
- the big stowage sack that can often be seen hanging from the back end of Matildas in the desert;
- the rack for the small "flimsies" tins (the etch Tigermodels one is quite nice, but I find I'm really struggling with it. A resin rack might possibly work);
- empty POL tin panniers, which can have tins added if needed; and
- the variation of track having welded-on "overshoes" (used prior to the more well-known "spudded" track)

I agree with your suggestions of new carrier, Sexton and Diamond T kits. I'd also like to suggest (in injection plastic form):

- A9 and A10 cruisers
- Tetrarch
- Daimler armoured car
- a host of AEC variants (Matador, armoured cars etc)
- Tasca to release a welded hood M4A2
- a conversion for the Tasca M4A4 to create DD tanks
- various Churchill AVRE fittings (bridge, bobbin etc)
- an early Crocodile trailer
- AFV Club to release M3 Stuarts (tho I'm happy they're busy with Churchills, LVTs and Valentines!)
- Morris FAT

There are probably more I can't immediately think of, but that'll do for now

And, finally, decals - I'd like to see more decals of Canadian AFVs for Italy and NW Europe. While there are some good generic AoS and formation sign sets out there, I'd like a few sets depicting specific vehicles, along the lines of decal sheets produced by Echelon and Bison. I'd also like to see nice decals for New Zealand Valentines and more British LVTs (in particular a few LVT-2s)

Well, we can always dream!

Best regards

(Canberra, Australia)

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Roger Cockburn
(Login Hon.JohnByng)
Missing-Lynx members

Nice one Wayne!

December 12 2011, 4:17 AM 

Scammell Pioneer
Daimler Armoured Car
Bedfords of all types (are you out there IBG?)
1930s cars of all nations
1930s lorries of all nations

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Chris Meddings
(Login ChrisDM)
Missing-Lynx members

A9 and A10

December 12 2011, 7:32 AM 

If you don't mind them in resin form Mike, I bought the masters for the A9 and A10 from Cromwell. They will be released early next year


Inside the Armour

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Stephen Lord
(Login STLord)
Missing-Lynx members

I Would Desperately Like.....

December 12 2011, 6:37 AM 

to see a Morris Quad. An A30 Challenger,(I have SKP's offering), An M5/9 Halftrack, Daimler armoured car and a new Crusader. You chaps have covered everything else. Oh how about a new 6 pounder and Lloyd carrier to tow it!

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FranK Blanton
(Login fblanton)
Missing-Lynx members

Wish list

December 12 2011, 7:22 AM 

Merry Christmas one and All!
There is a similar W/L on the "General" forum.

F.A.T. is a good choice. M-20 w/ Rogers trailer another great choice. New tooled Crusader. A U.S. 37mm A/T gun. New tooled Univ. Carrier and a Lloyd carrier. A dry stowage M4A3 Sherman.

Frank Blanton

"Fantasy Football,
Dungeons and Dragons for Jocks"

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Mike Riedeman
(Login MRiedeman)
Missing-Lynx members

I wish I had more time to build the stash....

December 12 2011, 7:38 AM 

I have and for more money to increase said stash. Mike

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Barry Gleeson
(Login panzer37)
Missing-Lynx members

my list , in order of desirability....

December 12 2011, 7:49 AM 

1/ A9 Cruiser
2/ A10 Cruiser
3/ Scammell Pioneer & transporter trailer
4/ M20 Diamond T combination tank transporter
5/ Citroen 23R truck from 1940 http://www.o5m6.de/citroen_23.html)
6/ Kassbohrer superheavy tank tranporter trailer (as used with Diamond T to haul the ex-SS501 Kingtiger across Belgium to Aberdeen
7/ 1930s Peugeot 202 car/"Tilly"-type conversion http://www.maquetland.com/v2/index.php?page=vision&id=1860&type=photos)

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(Login gary.binder)
Missing-Lynx members

my wishes...

December 12 2011, 8:51 AM 

A lot of great kits have appeared in the last couple years, many unexpected. There is still room however, so let's go;

1) An M18 "Hellcat" that actually looks like an M18. Two efforts so far with many citicisms of the hull form. THere are DOZENS ofthe real thing out there, but we don't have a really GOOD M18. C'mon guys, this thing can be achieved!

2) For Miniart to actually produce the US tank crew sets that have been announced happy.gif

3) An M10 with the hull and turret that stand up to the reviewers!

4) An M5-series High Speed Tractor to tow the new 155mm howitzer

5) For Dragon to produce long-announced kit #7272, the 1/72nd scale M4A3E2

6) Some resin US heads with M1 helmets in 1/72nd scale. There are many decent US figures in 1/72nd, but all too often the helmet has wrong profiles or the face has a big seam of soft plastic. A series of nice resin heads (ala Hornet) would help out.

7) A nice plastic 57mm AT gun M1-series.

8) Good 1/35th resin wheels/tires for the US 155mm howitzer and the US 105mm howitzer.

9) 90mm AAA gun - too common to be ignored forever (I hope)

That's about it for now. Merry Christmas to all!

Gary B.

This message has been edited by gary.binder from IP address on Dec 12, 2011 3:21 PM

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Scott Gentry
(Login didiumus)
Missing-Lynx members

Amen brother Gary - accurate M18 and M10 kits!! nt

December 12 2011, 1:58 PM 


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JW Cesafsky
(Login cesafsky)
Missing-Lynx members

DD & WW1

December 12 2011, 9:06 AM 

My wishes for 2012, besides a safe and rewarding year for all of you, are...

a styrene DD Sherman, I know it will be an expensive kit, but it would be worth it.

Tamiya did such a bang up job on the B1 bis, would love to see them tackle a WW1 British Mk IV and an FT-17.

And finally, I wish for more new Sherman's from Tasca (M4A3 75, M4A1 big hatch, M4, M4 Composite).

I think that would be about all I could afford, actually.


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Benjamin de Groot
(Login benjamin_de_groot)
Missing-Lynx members

He`s makin` a list

December 12 2011, 10:45 AM 

And it should all be in 1/35th scale. I want:

1) for Tasca to do an AMC Somua S35
2) Dragon doing a completely revamped AMD 178 Panhard (although I could live with Masterbox finally putting it out there)
3) an accurate Hotchkiss H38 (one that does not have dimensional issues with the hull and suspension
4) a new Renault R35
5) a SU-122 by Dragon
6) for Tasca to do an M10c Achilles
7) for Tasca to do an M18 Hellcat (with these two they could do the entire M36 series as well)
8) Tamiya to revamp their Char B1 bis (add all those bulletproof hexagonal bolts on the sponson top runs, improve the antenna pod, etc.)
9) for Tasca to do a M4A4 DD
10) A new OQF 6pdr that doesn`t cost 54 euros.
11) Dragon to do a Sexton SPG

some of the non-allied stuff

12) A decent book entirely devoted to the Sd.Kfz. 234/2, including combat history and markings
13) a new-tool MT-LB
14) a new-tool 2S1 Gvozdika
15) a new-tool T-80 UD

That should keep me happy for the coming year

History is Cynical

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Rob Ervin
(Login robervin)
Missing-Lynx members

My List

December 12 2011, 10:49 AM 

I love lists! Find them hard to stay away from. So here's mine with a bunch of repeats from other peoples.

A New Bren/Universal carrier, too important not to have a new modern kit.

6pdr/57mm guns, I will need one to go behind my new Universal Carrier

Damiler A/C, just because I want one!

M18 Hellcat, the AFV Club isn't too bad, but it's not very good either

With all the Civilian/staff cars coming out for the dark side modelers, we could use a few on the Allied side, American and British. The Tamiya 48th scale Ford staff car would make a great 1/35th scale kit, and so would a CMP Woody Station wagon with the same front cap. An Austin Sedan based on the Tilly Chassis would be cool too.

And one for the dark side

Italian M11/39 I have the beautiful Brach resin kit, but this has to be my favorite tank that there is not a main stream injection molded kit of! There were rumors last year of a new Italian company doing one, no word on this in almost a year.

I'd take a pile of WWI kits also and a Tamiya FT-17 is a dream I have from time to time!


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John Eckhardt
(Login jhe56)
Missing-Lynx members

My list

December 12 2011, 11:52 AM 

1. LVT-3 (with parts for a -3C
2. LVT-1
3. M29C Weasel
4. US 37mm Anti Tank Gun, Injection molded kit
5. US 57mm Anti Tank Dun, Along with both regular and airborne versions ofhte 6 pounder in up to date injection molded kits.

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Thomas Voigt
(Login Violetrock)
Missing-Lynx members

Re: It's Christmas....and time for our annual Wish List !

December 12 2011, 12:17 PM 

I also would be happy about a 1/35 Diamond T tractor/ trailer kit, like the ancient 1/76 Matchbox combo.

From Tasca would be happy about a plain M4 Sherman.


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John Bryce
(Login Bullbasket)
Missing-Lynx members

Re: It's Christmas....and time for our annual Wish List !

December 12 2011, 12:37 PM 

If Santa REALLY exists, and reads this, I'd like the following please;
3.New mould Crusader (1/11 & 111).
4.DD Sherman & Valentine.
5.AEC Matador.
6.Bedford QL.
7.A.30 Challenger.
8.Matilda 1.
All in styrene please, with etch and where applicable, aluminium barrels. Yeah, I know, my wife says the same...."you don't want much, do you?"
PS. I know it's not WW2, but could I have a Bedford RL as well please seeing as I spent nearly six years driving one.

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Dick Vincent
(Login dickvin)
Missing-Lynx members

Same as last year...plastic Scammel n/t

December 12 2011, 12:53 PM 

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Hervé Charbonneau
(Login chicoutimi)
Missing-Lynx members

If only one thing...

December 12 2011, 1:51 PM 

... a M29 Weasel!

Of course, an nicely-done M1A1 (LaFrance) wrecker would also find a place in my stash.

Oh! Now that I think of it, since AFV Club appears willing to outdo Italeri's efforts on a few Allied subjects, how about a real, state-of-the-art, 21st-century standard DUKW kit?


Hervé "Charby" Charbonneau
Chicoutimi QC

You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity. (Bullet Tooth Tony)

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Tom Hall
(Login el-rancho-decomposo)
Missing-Lynx members

Love all the suggestions!

December 12 2011, 2:15 PM 

I'll jump in and add the Dodge 1/2 ton series, M-37/M-43 trucks, 90mm AAA and a White/Corbitt/Federal for a few...

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Michael Baker
(Login Saransk)
Missing-Lynx members

Dream List

December 12 2011, 2:26 PM 

240mm Howitzer kit with travel option (if we can get the Morser 210/170 on the other side why not this great gun)
90mm AA gun - found in all theaters, with the late model mount
3.7 AA gun - the British 88
7.2 howitzer - with those great big ramps
A Dragon "smart" kit for the 57mm/6 pounder to make any mark of the basic gun.
4.5" mortar with Army or Marine Crew

British 9.2" Railgun
Little David (something else to drag behind the M26 cab)

M6 US heavy tank
T92 Howitzer Motor carriage
M32 Tank Retriever with a correct hull and running gear
M31 Tank Retriever
Sherman BARV

We've had every blasted German vehicle, even those that weren't more than a sketch on a paper napkin. Time for more allied vehicles.

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