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rat patrol 1 season

August 17 2012 at 3:20 PM
john king  (Login jad123)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

best buy has season one of rat patrol (32 episodes) for only $10.00!!!
get sum!!!

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Brian Colburn
(Login BrianInOregon)
Missing-Lynx members

I remember the Rat Patrol model kit...

August 17 2012, 4:46 PM 

I think Aurora made it. I recall it having two OD jeeps, two gray Panzers (I think a Panther and a Panzer IV), sand dunes, palm trees and figures. I think I got it for a birthday present, probably in '67 or '68.

Only remember three characters from the TV series, the German commander, the Rat Patrol leader with the Aussie style bush hat, and the jeep driver with the Confederate cap. Also recall my dad saying that the original group were all British, no yanks (LRDG). And I recall the torch cut M3 halftracks made to look like SdKfz 7's. Oh, and the little hyper-delicate explosive balls they bluffed the Germans with, that would detonate at the slightest impact, yet their jeeps never blew up carrying them. That irony was not lost on me at a young age.

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karl van sweden
(Login traxontracks)
Missing-Lynx members

Re: I remember the Rat Patrol model kit...

August 17 2012, 7:01 PM 

There was a British guy too and I think he was the only one not American. Being an American TV show of that time you have to expect that inaccuracy.
I too had the set and played it to death. My nieghbor got a GI Joe and big jeep that was supposed to be Rat Patrol too if my memory serves me right.
Was a good show for its day, I know I never missed an episode. The other favorite of mine was of course Combat.

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Kevin Tucker
(Login kevintucker)
Missing-Lynx members

I remember that too....

August 18 2012, 2:14 AM 

The series was shown here in the UK sometime in the 60's as far as I recall. Now I was very young at the time and it must have been some 40 + years ago, so someone may have to correct me on and add to, some of the names.

Sgt. Saunders ( who used to get shot every week if my memory serves me well )
Kowolski (?) I think he was the radio op.

It was good at the time. Shame it doesn't get a "one more time" showing but I guess with all those "Krauts" about it wouldn't get past the PC censors.


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George Proulx
(Login gunny48)
Missing-Lynx members


August 18 2012, 1:29 PM 

Saunders, Kirby, 'Doc' and Little John were all in the series 'COMBAT'

"Check Mate King 2 - this is White Rook - Over"


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karl van sweden
(Login traxontracks)
Missing-Lynx members

Roger that.....

August 18 2012, 3:13 PM 

I had rented a couple of seasons from Netflix way back when, may be time to go back and rent those again along with the remainder.

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Erik Ahlström
(Login Erik_Ahlstroem)
Missing-Lynx members

Had this kit!

August 20 2012, 8:15 AM 

As a child I had the Rat Patrolkit.
Got it from my bigbrother as a gift (well, "persuaded" him to give it to me I suppose!).
Never heard about SAS or anything like then, however later read one of my brothers first issue of Military Modeling about the SAS and I was hooked!



[linked image]

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