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Yes, there were still a few running around....

April 19 2006 at 1:23 PM
  (Login HeavyArty)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to M151A2 in Ops Desert Storm

24ID Commander still had one. Mostly becaused he liked it over the HMMWV though. A few other units had some too. USMC used them as FAV Super Jeeps too.


Some Middle Eastern countries use them as well.

Egyptian(?) M151A2 w/.50 cal.

Gino P. Quintiliani

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  1. Correction, Egyptian version above is and M151A1, not an A2. n/t. - Gino P. Quintiliani on Apr 19, 1:25 PM
    1. That's Saudi National Guard - Gary Owsley on Apr 19, 4:47 PM
      1. The HK,G-3 were a dead give away! - Chris"Panzer"Mrosko on Apr 19, 6:45 PM
        1. Re: The HK,G-3 were a dead give away! - Gary Owsley on Apr 19, 10:40 PM
          1. Saudi or Egyptian M-151? - JORDI ALBIR on Apr 20, 4:09 AM
            1. Thanks guys - Shankar Sachi on Apr 20, 4:23 AM
        2. m-151 in Somalia and Liberia,....adn a BJ-212 doubt - JORDI ALBIR on Apr 20, 4:21 AM
        3. Re: The HK,G-3 were a dead give away! - Anonymous on Apr 20, 12:33 PM
          1. Oooops forgot name ... before !!!!!! - Ivan Cocker on Apr 20, 12:39 PM
            1. Merry X-Mas Boyzzzzz - Chris"Panzer"Mrosko on Apr 20, 6:28 PM
              1. Pics - Shankar Sachi on Apr 20, 7:17 PM
              2. Got em and passed on your message. n/t - Gary Owsley on Apr 20, 8:53 PM
              3. Parcel received - Ivan Cocker on Apr 21, 2:28 PM
                1. I did the master for KIRIN - Chris"Panzer"Mrosko on Apr 21, 8:35 PM
                  1. Brilliant! - Ivan Cocker on Apr 22, 4:14 AM
              4. Hi Chris.......... - Tim Ridout on Apr 22, 4:51 PM

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