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Actually I found a fairly easy fix

July 29 2012 at 12:14 PM
david nickels  (Login djnick66)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Cut off the nose

The two prior kits I had ruined had the three-piece transmission cover and would have been VVSS tanks.

For this one, I found this worked very well with a minimum of sweat. The M50 has the cast transmission housing. It still did not fit well OOTB. I see that OOTB the bottom of the transmission housing is flush with the bottom of the hull. This might contribute to some of the problems.

First I cut off 1-2mm off the back of the hull sponson covers on the lower hull. Basically I cut off most of the slot that is intended for the VVSS tank's rear mud flap. This allows the lower hull to seat better into the upper hull, and will move the chassis back a tiny amount/move the upper hull forward slightly.

I glued the chassis into the upper hull at the back only and just up to about the turret ring. This would allow me to jiggle the front a bit.

I built the transmission housing (cast part and two flat sides). I did not add the mounts for the drive sprockets because other reviews have said the sprocket hight might be off... I glued the bolt strip to the top of the housing at the correct angle. There are two small notches on the bottom corners of the side plates. I cut these higher by about 1.5mm. This allows me to pull the tranmission cover down a bit, so that the bolt strip was in more or less the proper position with the upper hull.

No shimming, filling, etc. needed. The only area left to really address is the kit's exhaust deflector. You get the original M4A4 part (which does not fit with the M50 rear hull panel) and a new "Israeli" deflector. The new parts glue to the hull rear but are far too short to rear the upper hull overhang. I can't find any photos of a late 60s vintage M50 that shows what this area looks like, unfortunately.

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  1. follow up - david nickels on Aug 4, 2012, 8:37 AM

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