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Israeli Tank Color

June 20 2005 at 9:02 PM
  (Login achilles5)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

As I'm waiting for Life color Israeli sand grey 1982 to arrive in the mail. Can someone give me a good alternative. I don't remember which Tamiya color was close. And is Model Master Israeli sand grey a good match? Finally can some give me a list of colors to mix to arrive at the Israeli sand grey. Either Tamiya, Polly S , Model Master, or Gunze. TIA Joe

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(Login mjussen)
Missing-Lynx members

The quest for the right modern IDF color.

June 21 2005, 2:37 AM 

I'm in the middle of painting a Merkava 3 Dor Dalet myself. Thru a friend I got myself the Life color you mentioned but I came to the conclusion that this stuff is a pain to work with. Well at least for me it is. What I did was use the Life color to recreate the tone in Tamiya XF colors.

First I started with a basecoat of Tamiya Dark Green on my model. It's way to dark for a real IDF tone but that's not the point. I choose not to use black as a basecoat as I want the darkgreen to show and give the model the green-gray tone that IDF vehicles seem to have.
The next step is to recreate the Life color tone in Tamiya colors. I mixed Tamiya Olive Drab with Buff and a touch of Desert Yellow until you get that green-gray-brown tone. I did not keep a score on the exact mix but go easy on the Buff and particularly the Desert Yellow. I just kept on adding Buff and Desert Yellow until the Life color and my mix matched exactly. If somehow the mix went to gray (in that case there's to much Buff in the mix) I added a bit of darkgreen.

Hope this helps.

Marcel Jussen

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(Login bigphoto02)
Missing-Lynx members

Possibly some help...

June 21 2005, 3:42 AM 

Testors SAC bomber tan seems to be a fairly good match also.


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Missing-Lynx members

IDF color

June 21 2005, 9:17 AM 


According to the Latrun museum the Humbrol 94
is the way to go for IDF vehicles , but here is
a list with Life, Tamiya, Humbrol.


Best regards
Kjeld Pedersen

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Missing-Lynx members

IDF color correction

June 23 2005, 5:24 PM 


Correction to my mail above

Sorry it is not Humbrol 94, but it is
Humbrol 84.

Best regards
Kjeld Pedersen

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