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Up-Grading Dragon's LVT(A)-4

May 22 2012 at 8:26 AM
Kenneth Overby  (Login Ken-Overby)
from IP address

When I bought this kit I thought how wonderfull that this subject is now covered in our scale.
But as I studied the kit I descovered flaws in their reseach,
I covered most of these in my first post here:


Since then I discovered more flaws such as in the "instructions" parts are "mis-numbered",
and that this cried out to get done.
So started on my indevor.


Here are my "latest" efforts to date.
First I studied what was needed in relation to Dragon's kit:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

I then proceded with opening the hatches:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Then the scratch building of the hatches,
Here are the first two done and test fitted:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

I then sanded away the driver's vision hatch,
scratch built the vision blocks, and glued then into place.
The sanding proccess required me
to redo the weld beads that ran down the left and right side of the front as well.
After this I molded the piece, and the hatches:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

here is an example of the piece molded, cast, primed and test-fitted on Dragon's upper hull.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

As I said, during the molding proccess, I also molded the hatches.
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Here is a shot with the hatches in place:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Here is another shot showing the Hatches open:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Since these hatches were to provide an option of "open" hatches,
I added the latch detail as well, now close up like this they look a little crude,
but once painted, and detailed they look quite nice:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Now I am turning my attension to the the turret.
Since the possibility of screwing up is omnipresent,
I decided to mold the turret "un-modified"....this will give me several "blanks" to work with.
Here is the turret ready to be molded:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Here it is again with a cast blank next to it:
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Modifying the turet required me to remove the back of the turret roof,
adding mounts for two .30 cal Brownings, and vision blocks.
Here is an attempt at that (I haven't added the vision blocks yet):
[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Now I have since added the vision blacks, and am about to mold that as well.
So pic's of that are not yet ready.
But here I stand (but only for the moment).

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  1. Nice - Steen T√łttrup on May 22, 2012, 11:48 AM
  3. Looking good Ken! - Mark Deliduka on May 22, 2012, 1:13 PM
  5. I want, I want... I need, I need!!!!!! - Matt Ponas on May 23, 2012, 3:13 AM
  7. WOW ! - Rob Haelterman on May 28, 2012, 4:50 AM

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