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S-Models Sdkfz 253 compared to ESCI's and MK72's 250

January 4 2015 at 9:39 PM
Eduard Ferrer  (Login Edu)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Following up the Peter Sisung recent post on the 253, I thought you'll be interested in seeing how does it compare to the current 250 offerings (except the one from ACE which I don't own). It seems Peter and me have been modelling on the same subject at the same time !

Side view. bit of S-Models vs MK72. Uuuhh there are big differences!

Side view. bit of S-Models vs ESCI. They're very on par.

Side view. S-Models vs MK72. Notice that S-Models wheels have been glued with some left tilt. Interesting the hull heights...

Side view. S-Models vs MK72. Notice the difference in length.

Side view. S-Models vs MK72. the S-Models is displayed here with such an angle to make both wheels appear on the same plane. A part of the S-Models having the wrong shape, it is noticeable smaller.

Side view. S-Models vs ESCI. Size has more in common between this two than with MK72.

Front view. All three. See clearly how the front plate is taller or shorter depending on the model.

Rear view. All three. S-Models height falls between the other two. Also very noticeable is the track width.

Aerial view. All three. S-Models is the shorter of the three. Also interesting to see where the bonnet starts and finnishes. Many differences here.

Aerial view. Width differences. See how the S-models lateral armour is wider than the fenders, just opposite than on MK72. I'd say both bodies are the same width except from the mudguards.

Upgrades to the kit
1) The kit comes with the aerial resting on a dedicated platform. I decided to break that piece in two and drill the platform to expel the aerial:

Then I noticed I needed to further break the antenna mount and the antenna shield, to thin the shield and to detach the mount from the sield and attach it to te vehicle hull, as was the real thing:

2)A part from the wheels nasty surprise, I found out there was no hole on the tracks.. arghh .. so I scribed some with a motor tool

As a tip I recommend you to drill 3 holes forming a triangle, using a 0.5mm drill. Then unite the 3 holes by passing the drill to from one hole to the other:

This drilling task is not such an effort, and I found you just need to empty 11 track chains per side (assuming that you can live with the fact that if some one looks at the vehicle upside down, they will see the trick)

So here we have the beauty, alone on its full glory:

Last picture, with a rule in cm.
About size accuracy, you can measure some things with the above pic. On a subjective point of view, if we take into account the great work that Rob Haelterman did here:
He said about the MK72 ausf A:
<> --> I say on the S-Models: it is narrower than the MK72 --> Good
<> --> I say on the S-Models: it is considerably narrower than the MK72 --> Good
<<..the tracks. Not only are they far too wide, they are also far too long.>> --> I say on the S-Models: they're considerably narrower and shorter than the MK72 --> Good
<<.. The door in the rear hull plate is too large, or better the rear plate is too small.>> I say on the S-Models: they're quite the same but the rear plate is bigger because it is taller.

The fitting was superb, and glueing the angled hull was so perfect that I almost did not need glue. This is a very good kit and detail is excellent.

I don't mind that visor shape being wrong since I can hardly see it, but wheel shape is unfortunately very noticeable for my eyes.
I have a Pegasus kit with the wheel similar to the MK72 one (the correct one)but a bit smaller:
[linked image]
Will it be a fine replacement?

Thank you


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  7. Thats enlightening - Peter on Jan 5, 2015, 4:50 PM
    1. for sure 250 aftermarket wheels would triumph - Eduard Ferrer on Jan 6, 2015, 5:15 PM

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