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Examples of the self-laid mine are right on this site

July 4 2011 at 4:49 PM
  (Login Kurt_Laughlin)
Missing-Lynx members
from IP address

Response to Can't I build it my way?!

(And on every other model site.)

I'm talking about the guy who posts, "I want to make a model of X doing Y, but I can't find any pictures of it. Can anyone help back me up?" Someone replies, "While it was possible, there's several reasons why that wasn't done: Number 1, ..." Then the first guy (or a like-minded soul) offers, "Even so, but a lack of pictures doesn't mean it *didn't* happen! Never say never!!! I think it would look cool!!!!!" This is usually followed by the exasperated attempted helper writing, "Yeah, maybe, but if you were going to do it anyway, why do you need a photo?!?"

At this point, we're off to the races. (More or less at the point immediately before this thread began . . .)

"Why can't we just build for fun? You rivet counters are ruining the hobby!"

"The OP asked for a photo so obviously accuracy mattered to him."

"You didn't have to just shut him down. There's somebody who will never build again!!"

In fact, I've found that a thread like this is almost inevitable when an "artist" type asks the "technicans" for help but finds out there's none to be had. Regardless of whether that's conveyed politely (most of the time) or not (infrequently), the artists seem to get defensive, and here we are. If you ask for opinions, don't be upset when you get them.

(As a side note, I'll probably never post on Concructive Comments, for several reasons: 1) I'm not good at photography. 2) I don't buy most modeling magazines because I'm not interested in seeing other people's completed projects. 3) I likewise think others don't care to see mine. 4) Most significantly, I find the obligatory and hence insincere "Good job!!" comments sickening and just can't see how I could bring myself to respond positively toward them.)

We all (and I mean the World in general) need to grow thicker skins, longer tempers, and weaker vocal chords. You are allowed to be offended by something, but it you truly think that you will do what you want despite what other think, perhaps you ought to do just that.


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  1. I was not offended at all... - Dan Capuano on Jul 4, 5:11 PM
    1. That's true - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 4, 6:53 PM
      1. Fair enough Kurt...n/t - Dan Capuano on Jul 4, 8:28 PM
  2. Kurt,I didn't.......... - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 4, 8:25 PM
    1. Re: Kurt,I didn't.......... - Joseph R. Zrodlowski on Jul 4, 9:53 PM
      1. You notice........... - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 12:57 AM
        1. Re: You notice........... - Joseph R. Zrodlowski on Jul 5, 1:50 AM
          1. My mistake.......... - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 2:43 AM
    2. Dan, I didn't.... - Gary Owsley on Jul 4, 10:01 PM
      1. Nope........ - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 1:07 AM
    3. Dan, I don't . . . - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 4, 11:22 PM
      1. No,no............. - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 1:20 AM
        1. So why not, "Opinions are like pituitary glands: everyone has one"? - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 5, 8:33 PM
          1. OK, Kurt.........Dan n/t - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 10:39 PM
  3. So...tell me again why saying "good job" is a bad thing? - Luke Pitt on Jul 4, 10:29 PM
    1. If that's all you say . . . - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 4, 11:30 PM
      1. Fair enough, I see you point - Luke Pitt on Jul 5, 2:19 AM
      2. I see........... - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 1:06 PM
        1. Whaa? - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 5, 8:14 PM
          1. OK,Kurt......Dan n/t - Dan Rosecrans on Jul 5, 10:36 PM
      3. Because we learn better when we are not threatened - Danny Egan on Jul 8, 5:48 PM
        1. Yeah, but *what* specifically?!? - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 9, 9:32 AM
          1. Well, Kurt ole buddy.... - Danny Egan on Jul 9, 10:02 AM
            1. M4A4, 12th Armored Division - Kurt Laughlin on Jul 10, 9:01 PM

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